Managing water supply interruptions and alternative sources: pressure and level monitoring for a spa hotel

Hospitality businesses struggle to ensure a frictionless, pleasant stay for their guests. However, something as trivial as water supply system disruptions, especially recurring ones, can compromise their efforts irreversibly. Complaints, refund requests, and negative reviews can cause irreparable damages on reputation and revenues. Hotel managers need to monitor water supply and secure a backup. Switching […]

Use Case: Dam Monitoring

ThingsLog dam monitoring

In this use case description we will show how ThingsLog Level monitoring solution helped to DAM owners to monitor level and get early warnings from their dams.

Find leaks and optimize your water consumption


The customer is a block of flats in the residential area of Boyana, Sofia. The challenge that the facility manager wanted to address was the increasing water bills in the last 3 months without obvious reason. The solution for detecting non-relevant water consumption