Pirogov Hospital: A successful story with ThingsLog Energy and Water Solution

Pirogov University Hospital founded in 1950 is the largest emergency medical center in Bulgaria. More than 600 highly qualified medical professionals work at Pirogov. Pirogov Hospital Pirogov Hospital has 33 clinics located in a complex of 11 buildings and serves over 3,500 patients every month. Servicing, monitoring and the maintenance of the plumbing and power supply […]

ThingsLog public portal for Air Quality monitoring for a Bulgarian municipality

ThingsLog has recently realized a Public portal for air quality monitoring for the municipality of Yambol – an administrative center of a province in Bulgaria. It is intended to allow the public constant monitoring of the air quality. The Challenge we faced Stricter regulations and public pressure make air quality monitoring more and more important for municipalities. […]

Remote electricity consumption monitoring for a retail achieves dramatic cost saving


Technomarket is a retail brand of K&K Electronics, a Bulgarian company. The Technomarket retail stores offer a wide range of consumer electronics, electric appliances, office equipment, and telecommunication products. The chain has been expanding its presence in the Balkans, with multiple locations in Bulgaria, Serbia, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, and Montenegro. The company […]

ThingsLog remote water metering solution implemented for Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry


Our client, Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry, is the largest shipbuilding and ship repair enterprise in Bulgaria by production volumes, the size of the ships being built, technology and production organization. The company designs, constructs and repairs ships up to 100 000 DWT. Over 850 vessels for owners in 27 countries have been built for the 110 […]

Water monitoring, remote metering, and utilities reporting implemented for Holiday Village


Holiday village Strazhata is located close to the city of Pleven and consists of 60 individual houses intended as vacation homes. Most of the properties are not occupied year-round. ThingsLog implemented a solution for water monitoring, remote metering, and utilities reporting. Business case: remote control over utilities metering for hospitality and property management The village […]

ThingsLog energy management system implemented for a large manufacturer


EL BAT JSC is a production company disposing of lead-containing waste and discarded lead-batteries. The company’s goods include soft lead, lead alloys, lead details, radioactive material containers, lead keel, and sodium sulfate. Lead is a raw material utilized in the manufacturing of lead-acid batteries and with application in the automotive industry, the construction of submarines […]

Monitoring of water consumption in a poultry farm


Water consumption monitoring is often associated with urban water supply networks and infrastructure, but it also has a wide application and distinct importance for farming and agriculture. One of ThingLog’s early water consumption monitoring projects was implemented on a poultry farm located in a remote location in Australia. The challenge: unattended water consumption disruptions affecting […]