Air Quality Monitoring

Provides transparent information regarding the air quality in real time

Air quality is a central topic in nowadays urban environment. Both governments and citizens want to have an understanding of air quality around them. For municipalities, public buildings (like schools, hospitals) and production factories, air quality monitoring becomes increasingly important so that mid and long term solution management policies can be created.


The platform collects data and notifies you for unusual events. For example is the amount of fine particles in the air healthy or dangerous for people.

  • Environment and air quality monitoring

  • Air temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure

  • Fine particles and radioactivity level detection

  • Monitoring of gas concentration of CO, NO2, SO2, Ozone

  • Air quality index - AQI

  • Intuitive public portal

  • Low power, solar panel or electricity powered

  • Connectivity through 2G, 4G, LoRa™ or NB-IoT

Key Benefits

On time information for dangerous environmental conditions and basis for introduction of timely measures and policies.


Provides transparent information regarding the air quality in real time


Creates a database of environment data for a specific location


Improved services to citizens and employees


Compliance with environment regulations

Air Monitoring Use Case

Air quality monitoring is a vital tool for understanding and improving air quality. The ThingsLog air quality solution provides real time data on radiation, air humidity, air temperature, atmospheric pressure, particles and others. This information can be used to assess air quality and identify emission sources. 

The solution is highly configurable and consists of mini meteo station and specific sensors depending on the needs of our customers. All sensors communicate with our data loggers that transmit wirelessly the data to ThingsLog cloud platform. Our devices are designed for use in a broad range of environments, making them an ideal solution for air quality monitoring in open air. 

Air quality monitoring is an important tool for air quality management, air pollution control and mid/long term decision making and it contributes to improving urban environment.


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