Our IoT solutions and products complement well our partners' businesses bringing more value to customers supplement

At ThingsLog we value our partners. We have a full stack IoT technology in its complexity including end devices, hardware, back-end platform, industry apps, dashboards, and analytics. We also have engineers with extensive experience in the industries we work with.

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Energy consultants

ThingsLog technology is tried and tested to create a baseline of the customer energy consumption profile that enables any projects for further optimizations. You can use ThingsLog energy monitoring also with older devices with analogue output saving additional expenses to change all meters and still allowing fast diagnostics and optimizations.


Water utility consultants

Water utilities are where the company started so our technology is well developed to enable Nonrevenue water (NRW) monitoring, DMA monitoring, tank level monitoring, water pumps monitoring and automation. If you work with local water utilities, we will be happy to support you with expert solutions.


Engineering companies

If you are building electric installations or providing piping solutions or installing water or energy meters, we will be happy to provide the IoT part of the solution for you.



Smart metering and monitoring of water and electricity for SMBs is an excellent value-added service for Telecom operators. Depending on our telco partners’ strategy we can also develop together other IoT solutions for specific markets and customer segments.

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