Tank Level Monitoring

Low power solution for level monitoring of tanks and reservoirs


Solution description

Properly monitoring and managing levels inside tanks or reservoirs can help owners and asset managers increase productivity and profitability.

Level monitoring is a solution for level and volume monitoring of non aggressive, aggressive fluids and fuels based on ThingsLog low power data loggers and specially designed submersible level sensors.

level monitoring set

The solution allow you to keep track of the exact levels in your tanks or reservoirs at any time. Customers are able to monitor if levels are increasing or decreasing and receive alarms whenever certain thresholds are reached. Theft or leakage thus can be immediately detected. At the same time it streamlines your service operations by allowing you to refill/empty only when needed.

How does it work?

Level monitoring solution

Sensor details

Sensor is submerged on the bottom of the tank/reservoir. Depending of the type of the liquid there is ventilated/copper cable or stainless steel body from the sensor to the data logger.

Data logger operation

is waking up on configurable interval of time, provides power supply to the sensor, reads the measurement and records the value in memory. Logger wakes on configurable transmission interval and transmits the recorded readings.

If the reading is bridging a preconfigured low/high power threshold values the logger wakes up and transmits an instant alarm. Alarms are forwarded to the subscribed users through an email, mobile notification or an API message.


Network type: 2G, NB-IoT or LoRa/LoRaWAN

Fluid: water, non-aggressive liquids (water) | aggressive fluids (fuels, acids and others)

Level of measurement: up to 100m* (for >100m on special request).

Up to 100 m PVC hose/ventilated cable

For certain aggressive fluids:

  • Up to 10 m copper hose (optional custom made)
  • Up to 3m stainless steel (optional custom made)

Power supply options: Lithium batteries/Solar/24V

Output signal: 4 ÷ 20 mA (2-wire)

Reverse-polarity protection: YES

Working temperature: 0 ÷ 70 °C

Low / high level instant alarms

Ambient temperature: (-20) ÷ 40 °C

Accuracy: 0.5% for 100% of FSO

Electrical connection: ventilated cable

Probe diameter: 27 (30) mm

Probe material: stainless steel 304/316 L

Built-in stainless steel membrane 316 SS

Protection class: IP 68

ATEX sensor protection class for aggressive fluids:

ATEX sensor protection



Application areas

  • large levels and depths in drilling wells, dams and other types of large ponds
  • water and aqueous solutions
  • fuels oil, diesel, biodiesel, petrol and petrol monitoring systems
  • dense and viscous liquids
  • basics, acids, liquid reagents
  • organic and inorganic solutions
  • other aggressive fluids.


  • Immediate detection of predefined levels reached. Mobile or email notification delivered to the service personnel.
  • Access to tank levels 24/7 through a web portal or mobile app.
  • Detection of sudden fuel levels drops (theft or leakage).
  • Combined monitoring of level and other parameters – flow, temperature, humidity, pH, salinity, etc.
Level Monitoring has never been so easy!

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