Tank Level Monitoring

Low power solution for level monitoring of tanks and reservoirs

Solution description

ThingsLog tank/reservoir remote level monitoring solutions allow you to keep track of the exact levels in your tanks at any time. Customers are able to monitor if levels are increasing or decreasing and receive alarms whenever certain thresholds are reached. Theft or leakage thus can be immediately detected. At the same time it streamlines your service operations by allowing you to refill/empty only when needed.

How does it work?

The solution is based on ThingsLog low power data loggers with 2G, NB-IoT or LoRaWAN network connectivity. Our loggers can operate in low power mode and are the perfect solution for monitoring of water or oil meters in remote locations or difficult to access locations.

The solution monitors the tank level by interconnecting the loggers through a couple of different sensors:

  • Buey (float level) sensor – applicable when notification is required once a certain level is recorded (two levels are supported). The loggers issue an alarm as soon as the buoy sensor captures a predefined level reading. Alarms are customizable in the backend and email or mobile phone notifications are delivered to the users.
  • Pressure sensors – suitable for precise level monitoring – the solution is based on various submersible pressure sensors and allows precise pressure monitoring through the analog current (4-20mA) port inputs of the data loggers. In the backend you can define a formula converting the mA to bars or psi and then convert those metrics to level or volume.

Application areas

  • The solution has been initially designed for monitoring remote water reservoirs in small villages. It has been then extended for diesel tank monitoring and leak/theft prevention by adding precise pressure sensors with ATEX to it. Recently it has also been used for monitoring strictly specific instances such as horse water consumption and reading comparison between the training sessions and before races.


  • Immediate detection of predefined levels reached. Mobile or email notification delivered to the service personnel.
  • Access to tank levels 24/7.
  • Detection of sudden fuel levels drops (theft or leakage).
  • Combined monitoring of level and other parameters – flow, temperature, humidity, pH, salinity, etc.
Level monitoring has never been so easy!
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