Water Pressure Monitoring

Tailor made solution for utility companies to monitor pressure, flow, level and consumption

Water utilities are under pressure to reduce water losses. Water management needs to be more efficient than ever before, and and this requires a water supply that is highly resilient, efficient, and sustainable. Water network management is a critical part of this process and pressure monitoring is a key instrument in this process.


The platform collects data and notifies for unusual events.
Though our monitoring service, we analyze consumption and suggest optimization options.

  • Water network pressure monitoring

  • DMA/PMA monitoring and alerting

  • Reducing non revenue water (NRW)

  • Reservoir/tank level monitoring

  • Automatic water pump control

  • Customizable notifications and alarms

  • Low power, solar panel or electricity powered

  • Connectivity through 2G, 4G, LoRa™ or NB-IoT

Key Benefits

Major benefit is the ability to monitor critical points in the water network and shorten significantly reaction time to incidents.


Improve response time to incidents


Reduce water leakages and limit commercial losses


Information buildup for key decisions for water utilities


Regulatory compliance


Improve the water balance


Digitalize key water utility functions

Water Pressure Monitoring Use Case

Management of the water balance is а major challenge in modern day utilities. There are problems either with non-revenue losses or with commercial metering or both. In addition to that, pipe and sewage networks are typically old and difficult to troubleshoot and maintain. All those affect the profits of the water utilities.

Commonly many of the projects in utility operators require water pressure monitoring to identify and locate accidents fast and monitor critical points in the network. ThingsLog solution extends further to pressure monitoring and can cover anything needed for full water network monitoring – current flow, water pressure, levels of key reservoirs, minimal night flow and commercial losses and even remote pump control. 

Our platform uses IoT sensors, smart water and flow meters, proprietary data loggers and software platform in order to provide near real-time information. The data is transferred over LoRa™, NB-IoT or conventional cellular technology.

Data collection, retrieval, and analysis is highly automated to ensure efficient decision making.


We help water utilities increase revenue, lower costs and reduce the non-revenue waters through smart control and efficient monitoring practices.

ThingsLog take scalability and affordability seriously – our solutions is tailored even for the smallest water utility operators and cooperatives and can meet their growing needs.

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