Energy Consumption Monitoring

Remote Smart Metering and Monitoring of energy meters

Energy metering and monitoring

Great solution for smooth transition to smart energy metering and monitoring

ThingsLog power metering and monitoring solution allows utility operators and facility managers to monitor and meter their electricity consumption remotely in a smart and efficient way.

Great solution for smooth transition to smart energy metering and monitoring
Existing Energy, Heat and Gas meters

Maximize the usage of your existing infrastructure. Any meter with pulse output is supported.

Smart Meters

Deploy smart metering in a smart way!

Low Power Data Loggers

Where power and low power meet together.

ThingsLog Platform

ThingsLog platform for energy metering and monitoring.

Network type

Cellular, NB-IoT, WiFI, and LoRa/LoRaWAN

Mobile app

Mobile app for energy consumption monitoring and instant notifications.


Cost Savings on Your Monthly Bill

Knowing your energy consumption is the first step to optimization.


Fraud Prevention

Have you ever had a suspicion that somebody on your staff or a neighbor is a bit too lavish with your consumption bill for heat, gas, or electricity? Now you can know for sure and respond accordingly.


Energy analytics

Compare your current consumption levels to past ones. Energy flow comparison and a balance calculation.


Mobile app

Stop using complex SCADA systems! Now everything comes with a user-friendly mobile app.

Smart energy metering has never been so easy!
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