Gas metering and monitoring

Know your Gas consumption now!

Solution description

ThingsLog gas remote metering and monitoring solution allows utility operators and their customers to keep track of and continuously record gas consumption.

The solution is calculating the gas flow based on the readings from the gas meters.

How does it work?

Our solution is based on ThingsLog data loggers with 2G, NB-IoT, or LoRaWAN network connectivity. Our loggers can operate in low power mode and are the best option for monitoring gas flow meters in remote locations or difficult to access locations.

Each logger is able to read simultaneously reed switch pulses from the pulse outputs of up to two gas flow meters. The gas flow meters could be supplied from any manufacturer as long as they generate dry contact (reed switch) or S0 pulses. The data is transmitted to the ThingsLog platform at a configurable time interval.

Once the data is received by our platform, readings are analyzed, consumption profile is updated and notifications are generated. There are various kinds of notifications such as:

  • high consumption
  • high or low flow
  • no-zero consumption during certain timeframes

There is an option to engage a balancing module as part of the solution. In case the balancing module functionality is enabled we can correlate the readings of the module with the readings from other parent meters or flow sensors. We are able to calculate a network segment (zone) balance and trigger fraud alarms.

Application areas

The solution has been designed for remote monitoring of gas flow meters. It is suitable for utilities and also for their customers such as:

  • hotels/hospitality companies
  • facility management
  • manufacturers
  • public sector buildings
  • households


  • Immediately detect high consumption. Direct alarms to service personnel via mobile notifications or email.
  • Have access to readings 24/7.
  • Compare flows and calculate network balances.
  • Detect fraud and leakages.

Predict future gas consumption use.

Gas metering has never been so easy!
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