Product portfolio

A series of Low Power Data Loggers able to monitoring utility meters, analog sensors and ON/OFF actuators


Our most commonly used data logger, supporting globally 4G network with fall back to 2G. It is now even more configurable to enable broad variety of IoT projects. 

LoRa Data Logger LPMDL-1105

LPMDL-1105 Lora™/LoraWAN™ Data Loggers are low power, IP68 devices able to monitor a variety of sensors and meters. LoRa based devices are particularly suitable for locations with many end devices in a relatively compact area. 

NB-IOT Data Logger LPMDL-1106

Narrowband IoT data logger, allowing also CatM1 and GSM communication in one logger. Ideal for low power usage in large projects. 

As of May 2023, we no longer sell 2G GSM models since carriers are gradually sunsetting the technology. All currently working devices continue to have a valid warranty as per our standard policy.

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