Low power NB IoT Data Logger

Configurable, NB IoT/CAT M1/GPRS data logger for pulse and analog reading

Remote monitoring and meter reading for different industries. ThingsLog data loggers are commonly used for water flow and pressure monitoring, level monitoring, temperature monitoring and electricity consumption monitoring. Managed through ThingsLog Cloud Platform

  • Global frequency range NB IoT, CATM1, GSM

  • 2 pulse metering inputs

  • 4 analog inputs 0-3V or 4-20mA

  • i2C bus port pre-integrated with selected sensors

  • 16 bit ADC / precision 0.01%

  • Option for 24-bit ADC, with an onboard low-noise programmable gain amplifier

  • Option for step up convertor up to 12V

  • Relay outputs

  • Alarm inputs

  • EEPROM Option

  • Power supply options: 3.6V LiS02 battery, external power supply or embedded solar PV panel

  • Battery life of 28000 transmissions in low power mode

  • Configurable metering and transmission

  • Over-the-Air reconfiguration

  • Firmware update

  • IP68 level of protection

  • Available with international SIM card

  • Data presented on ThingsLog platform

  • Possibility for REST API integration


Low power

Just 6uA in sleeping mode! Able to work long years on batteries!


CE certified – comply with European Safety, LVD, and EMC directives!


Low Power, solar panel powered or electricity powered data logger with multiple configuration options .

Configurable over the air

Supports remote configuration over the AiR through the ThingsLog platform!


Well-documented product used by many utilities and enterprises!

Global Mobile offering

Comes with GPRS/4G global roaming SIM card

Well protected

Has IP68 level of moisture and dust protection


Stick to your current firmware or upgrade to a newer more capable version.

Alarms in low power

Instant alarms in low-power mode in case of abnormal consumption, leak, high/low value, etc. ​

Delivery model to have in mind:

We work “order to configure”, which means that we customize our loggers to your use case. 

This makes our delivery time 30 working days for 100+ devices and 10 working days for a sample delivery. 

More information on how we deliver and how we price is available here.

ThingsLog Platform

ThingsLog data loggers standardly work with ThingsLog Cloud platform that takes care of device and data management. 

Read more about the platform here.