Street Light Control

Street light control systems help municipalities to manage their street lights automatically.

Municipalities, retailers, warehouses and productions can save energy by optimizing the time when street lights are on and at the same time they can monitor energy consumption, identify frauds and malfunctions immediately.


The solution combines the capabilities of monitoring and controlling various public and private lights management use cases. 

  • Remote control of different segments of the streetlights

  • Ongoing monitoring of the electricity consumption

  • Consumption profile and analyses of the electricity usage

  • Alarms for none working lights

  • Alarms in case of opening the electric board

  • Alarms in cases of unauthorized connection to the electricity network

Key Benefits

Smartify street lights – save energy, prevent frauds, improve services for citizens or employees. 


Reduce direct energy consumption costs


Reduce maintenance and operation costs


Save energy


Increase quality of service on respect of streetlights


Improving safety in the streets and roads


Timely identification of frauds and malfunctions

Street Light Control Use Case

Street light control is a system that helps to manage and control street lights, usually based on timers principle. This can help save energy and money, as well as improve safety in neighbourhoods. Street light control can be used automatically or manually, depending on the needs of the community.

Street lights are a necessary part of any community, but they can be costly to maintain. A street light control system can help to save money in the long run by extending the service lifetime of street lights and improving energy efficiency. In addition, a street light control system can bring people improved user experience by providing better control over when street lights are turned on and off.

If you are looking for a way to improve the control of street lights in your community, then a street light control system may be the right solution for you.


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