Smart Agriculture Monitoring System

Wireless environment monitoring for smart agriculture and farming

ThingsLog measures all that needs to be measured on the farm – water flow, water level, barometric air pressure, air temperature, and soil moisture, and delivers the readings in near-real time on any type of device.


Agriculture solution allows monitoring of broad range of indicators with a single logger and can be combined with control function of pumps and valves. This is all presented in a convenient industry app with excellent usability. 

  • Meteo station data

    • soil moisture, temperature, and potential

    • leaf wetness

    • rainfall quantity and intensity

    • wind speed and direction

    • air temperature and humidity

    • barometric air pressure

    • solar radiation

  • Remote monitoring of water consumption

  • Well level/tank level monitoring

  • Water pressure monitoring

  • Customizable alarms and notifications

  • Connectivity through 2G, 4G, LoRa™ or NB-IoT

  • As a service software platform and mobile app

  • Data analytics and dashboards

Key Benefits

Agriculture monitoring is for those who want to keep an eye of how efficient their irrigation systems work or how much their livestock is drinking or what are the conditions on their vineyard. 


Monitor water flow, water level (in wells, tanks, water towers) and pressure


Monitor soil moisture, prevent crop losses due to drought


Realize the full benefit from irrigation increasing expected yields


Save time and expenses monitoring locations with difficult access


Get timely information for key decisions


Decrease the amount of water used for irrigation, detect leakages

Smart Agriculture Monitoring System Use Cases

Monitoring the utilization of water resources is а major challenge in modern day agriculture and farming. Measuring and controlling water consumption for crops irrigation and livestock hydration directly affects expected results.

Farms today particularly in water-scarce areas need affordable tools to track water consumption and manage it efficiently. Too much use could increasе costs or lead to depletion of critical water resources. Too little use can cause serious damage to the crops and livestock. 

ThingsLog provides a smart monitoring system flexibly combining sensors, proprietary data loggers, and a software platform with a mobile app. ThingsLog measures all that needs to be measured on the farm – water flow, water level (in wells, tanks, water towers), pressure, temperature, soil moisture and delivers the readings in near-real time on any device.

Our solution is low power, wireless technology and works even in remote locations without electricity. Our data loggers can control your water pump and switch it on automatically when the level goes below defined value. The system features user defined alarms to ensure timely response to contain risk accidents or address deficiencies.


Data analytics and visualization provide at-a-glance overview 24/7.

ThingsLog supports broad connectivity options thought 2G/4G, NB-IoT and LoRa™. The platform has a standard API and integrates to 3rd party applications. The solution can be installed on any existing metering equipment with pulse or s0 output.

Our agriculture telemetering solution is designed to be pragmatic, scalable and affordable to fit your priority needs and grow as you need it.

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