IoT Remote Monitoring Solutions

Low power monitoring solutions to help you track, control and optimize
your consumption of water, energy and gas

ThingsLog is a remote monitoring solutions provider. Businesses who need turnkey telemetry and data acquisition solutions for speed, flexibility, control, and optimization of their infrastructure and facility operations can now leverage the latest IoT technology.

Smart Monitoring Solutions

We deliver tailored, ready-to-use monitoring systems combining environment sensors and meters, highly configurable proprietary data loggers, and a sophisticated data analytics platform.

Our cloud platform collects, stores and aggregates all data readings gathered by the end devices as well as provides various functionalities aligned with the customer specific needs:

  • Administrative interface for enterprise customers to manage their individual users or end clients;
  • Standard API and integration tools to connect to external services;
  • Industry apps, designed for specific business users like water utilities, agri managers, or municipalities.

The mobile app provides at-a-glance consumption overview and incident notifications on the go for the end customers. 

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Use Cases in Industries and Domains we Support

ThingsLog smart IoT solutions bring benefits across various industries

Water Utilities

Gather frequent reporting on multiple parameters to underpin solid data analysis.



Control and optimizations of electricity, water and gas consumption to generate savings.


Hotels & Buildings

Monitoring of energy and water consumption. Timely detection of breakdowns to prevent extensive damages on the premises.



Protect inventory, monitor and maintain optimal storage and transportation environment.



Oversee environment factors and irrigation infrastructure remotely. Timely response to incidents and adverse conditions.


Public sector

Monitoring as a services is a commonly used offering for Telecoms IoT services to B2B customers

We enable our varied solution offerings thought our highly configurable, low power multichannel data loggers. See our product catalogue for in-depth technical details.

Customers and Partners

ThingsLog devotedly serves hundreds of users in different industries both for direct customers and thought our partner network.

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