Thingslog Cloud & Mobile Platform

Remote Metering & Monitoring of Meters and Sensors as a Service

Thingslog offers a Remote Metering and Monitoring as a Service platform (RMMAAS) that connects to a great variety of popular smart meter brands, data loggers, smart sensors and actuators. The solution is suitable to meter, monitor and manage water, heat, gas, and power meters, analog sensors and ON/OFF actuators.

Key Features of the Platform

Integration with 3rd party meters, loggers and gateways as well as REST API for integration to other platforms. Key features of the platform are listed below:

Device management & configuration


Data management of meter or sensor readings


Alarms and notifications via computer or mobile phone


Data analysis and visualization


User, accounts and company management


Adaptive user-friendly UI depending on your needs


Consumption monitoring (incl. as a service)

How it Works

From hardware to data insights: you start with the sensors/meters on which the data logger is installed and configured. Next, the data is collected and analyses performed so that intelligent business decisions can be made. Every step is well documented.


Installation of Data Loggers

ThingsLog multichannel data loggers are fitted to the existing water, gas, and electricity meters or to many other compatible sensors, e.g.temperature, pressure or level sensors. Our data loggers can operate in low power mode, running on battering for 5 to 10 years or they can be powered with solar panels, electricity or in hybrid mode.
Collect Consumption Data


Collect Data

Data is sent via GSM, 4G, NB-IoT, or LoRaWAN to ThingsLog analytics platform. Our platform is a cost-effective replacement of existing AMR and AMI systems. Suitable to meter, monitor and manage water, heat, gas and power meters, analog sensors and ON/OFF actuators.

Review Consumption Data


Put Data Into Action

Based on ThingsLog powerful backend, we have build solutions
providing customers with smart way to review and assess their consumption data, identify problems or optimization opportunities, and take timely action. We partner with businesses to help them run businesses efficiently.

In More Detail for Tech Nerds Like Us

Meters, sensors and data loggers send data over LoRa,
NB-IoT, 2G, 4G, LoRa, Cat M to the platform.
The platform receives data and controls the way the
devices work and transmit.
Once the data is received it is analyzed and stored in the
platform data database. If the platform determines that
there is a notification in the data it will be forwarded to
the user over email or mobile notification to the mobile
app. If there is a 3rd party platform integration the data
will be sent also to the 3rd party system.


Thingslog Platform Core Components

  • Backend - a number of services responsible for the configuration of the loggers, synchronization of their time, receiving the data, updating firmware, generating notifications.

  • User Interface - component responsible for the visualization of the data configuration of the loggers, user management, language settings.

  • Database - a SQL and NOSQL databases responsible for storing the users, devices their configuration and data.

  • Remote node - a subset of the platform deployed typically in customer premises responsible for configuring the loggers, synchronizing their time and pushing the data to 3rd party platforms. It contains only a configuration database and does not have the "data" database tier.

Deployment Options

There are several deployment/delivery models.


Remote metering and monitoring as a service – our most common and cost-effective SAAS offering. Contact us to learn more about this service.


The platform is available as a cloud service deployed in our OpenStack cloud. Customizations and custom integrations are welcome!


Platform deployed on customer infrastructure or 3rd party cloud. The customer has full end-to-end control over the platform and the packets exchange.

Licenses and Subscriptions

Set of digital devices screen mockup

The platform is licensed on subscription packages based on readings per year received by the loggers associated with a customer profile.

The customer buys different packages based on the number of loggers and the number of readings generated by them on yearly basis.

More information on how we deliver and how we price is available here.

On-prem and PAAS deployment options are associated also to separate license and professional service costs.

Our partners and larger customers typically buy larger subscription packages and resell them to their own customers.

Want to get a customized offer as per your requirements?