Remote Smart Water Metering

Analyse consumption, monitor graphs and identify unusual events fast

Get the data from a smart device or retrofit old meters, analyze consumption, monitor graphs and find unusual events, get monthly cost allocation and see it all on a mobile app.


The platform collects data and notifies for unusual events.
Through our monitoring service, we analyze customer consumption and suggest optimization options.

  • Remote metering of water consumption

  • Unusual consumption and leak detection

  • Customizable alarms and notifications

  • Low power, wireless technology

  • As a service software platform and mobile app

  • Connectivity through 2G, 4G, LoRa™ or NB-IoT

Key Benefits

Immediate data for water consumption, transparent usage and fair billing, easy metering of remote locations and faster identification of leakages. 


Save time and expenses metering multiple points or locations with difficult access


Reduce water leakages​, get notification on unusual consumption


Build data for key decisions on your water consumption


Positive environment impact​

Water Monitoring Use Case

Transitioning smoothly to smart metering can be a challenge – both for utility operators and for building owners and facility managers.

Remote water monitoring saves a lot. It helps utilities monitor their networks much more efficiently, enables more accurate bills, saves costs for physically collecting the data from water meters and allows much faster detection of leaks.

ThingsLog Smart Water metering solution is designed with both in depth technical expertise and significant insights by out in-house water utility engineers.

The solution can be implemented both on existing water meters with pulse output – retrofitted with ThingsLog proprietary data loggers – and with new smart meters, communicating directly to ThingsLog platform. The solution supports different network types like 2G, 4G, LoRa™ or NB-IoT.

Data reading and data transmission intervals are configurable depending on customer needs.


The solution is low power by design, which makes it perfect for remote and difficult to reach locations.

It can also be used with hybrid power supply including with solar panels. ThingsLog take scalability and affordability seriously – our solution is tailored even for the smallest water utility operators and can meet their growing needs.

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