ThingsLog partners with BeVine to enable their decision support system for vineyard analytics and management

One of the top 10 use cases for IoT technology is in Agriculture. And this is because IoT can make a big difference in many ways for farmers. A recent ThingsLog project is based on a partnership with another start-up company specializing in the field of Smart Vineyard Monitoring. ThingsLog brings its robust IoT technology as the underpinning technology to enable BeVine Vineyard Analytics and Management System.

How the partnership was triggered?

BeVine is a software as a service provider that offers a decision support system for winegrowers who want to optimize their production costs and get quality yield. BeVine is designed to be a precision agriculture tool employing remote sensing of environmental conditions and combining them with disease prediction models.

In 2021 BeVine disease prediction models reached 90% accuracy allowing agronomists to effectively use the system to monitor remotely scattered vineyards that otherwise require significant efforts to visit and check regularly. Scaling up BeVine needed a reliable IoT layer that will deliver in time, all the time and will have excellent support.

ThingsLog enabling environment sensing

ThingsLog developed custom metrological station for our partner including sensors covering the exact needs of BeVine solution prediction models. Two types of metrological stations were developed – one with full set of sensors and one mini station. The mini station is very compact but it enables tracking of specific conditions in areas of the vineyard where micro climate vary for some reasons, e.g. it is close to open water or the ground is lower. This makes the prediction models very precise even for the most problematic areas of the vineyards.

The metrological stations come in low power mode (with batteries only) or in hybrid mode working with both battery and solar panel. ThingsLog cloud platform collects all the data and delivers it over an API to BeVine platform for their decision support system to work its magic with the data.

Are you in the wine industry and looking for a decision support system? Look no further, BeVine solution powered by ThingsLog’s IoT technology is the answer. Contact us to learn more about our partnership and how it can benefit your vineyard management.



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