ThingsLog remote water metering solution implemented for Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry

Our client, Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry, is the largest shipbuilding and ship repair enterprise in Bulgaria by production volumes, the size of the ships being built, technology and production organization. The company designs, constructs and repairs ships up to 100 000 DWT. Over 850 vessels for owners in 27 countries have been built for the 110 years long history of the shipyard.

Challenges: tracking water consumption, curbing water waste, reducing utility bills

The shipyard facilities and infrastructure spread across an extensive area, with a network of quays, dry docks and production units within the premises. There was poor control and visibility on production related water consumption and difficulties tracking individual sites’ share. Bulyard needed to address quickly and effectively the escalating utility bills and the unidentified water squander after the main water meter.

ThingsLog remote water supply monitoring solution: benefits

Bulyard reached out to the ThingsLog team for a robust solution based on their expertise in remote monitoring and metering of water and electricity. The team analyzed the current situation and proposed an IoT solution based on the GSM communication protocol. The existing Bulyard water meters have been fitted with ThingsLog proprietary loggers and the investment costs have been kept at a very reasonable level.

The solution allows the segmentation of the local water distribution network. The system of connected devices compares the total water consumption as measured by the main water meter against supplementary water meter readings linked to the individual customers within the district. The approach enables comprehensive monitoring of leaks and accidents across the entire water supply chain.

ThingsLog accommodates automated periodic reporting to the water supply utility. That feature has generated additional savings of time and expenses for on-site data collection. Statistics and reports are readily available for Bulyard on the ThingsLog desktop and mobile platform. The client can now monitor water consumption and take corrective measures where necessary. Moreover, the solution triggers alarms upon deviation from the baseline consumption beyond user-configurable thresholds.

In conclusion: we are planning to expand to remote monitoring of electricity, too

Here is what Bulyard says about the benefits of the ThingsLog solution implementation:

“Since we introduced the Remote Water Consumption Monitoring solution, we have considerably reduced the wasteful use of water within our facilities. Through this monitoring system, we also exposed a leakage on our premises, which would otherwise remain unnoticed for a long time. We are planning to expand the ThingsLog remote monitoring system to electricity, too.”



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