Pirogov Hospital: A successful story with ThingsLog Energy and Water Solution

Pirogov University Hospital founded in 1950 is the largest emergency medical center in Bulgaria. More than 600 highly qualified medical professionals work at Pirogov.

Pirogov Hospital

Pirogov Hospital has 33 clinics located in a complex of 11 buildings and serves over 3,500 patients every month. Servicing, monitoring and the maintenance of the plumbing and power supply networks of such a large facility is a serious challenge.

The technical team of Pirogov was looking for a way to optimize their energy and water consumption and contacted ThingsLog for a consultation.

ThingsLog’s solution for remote metering and monitoring of energy and water

After a preliminary inspection and identification of the client’s needs, ThingsLog deployed electricity and water meters in all 11 buildings of the medical complex. Through ThingsLog’s software, the clinic is able to monitor and quickly identify water and electrical grid issues.

Pirogov now leverages two ThingsLog solutions: for Energy Management and Monitoring and for Water Consumption Monitoring and Optimization. The improved control over the utility installations and the water and energy consumption efficiencies have yielded benefits within the first month of the initial implementation. 

ThingsLog energy management and monitoring solution

After implementing the ThingsLog energy management and monitoring solution, the customer was able to detect an unusual increase in electricity consumption almost immediately. The source was quickly identified – the incorrect setting of air conditioners in some of the rooms.

Excess consumption was estimated at around 300 kw/h per night. In a period of 4 nights, the redundant air conditioners consume about 1200 kw -> 1.2 MW. The average cost per MW is 500 BGN. The value wasted in the energy bill is about 600 lev for 4 nights.

Pirogov hospital energy data

ThingsLog solution for water consumption monitoring and optimization

After the implementation of the ThingsLog solution for water consumption monitoring and optimization, the first invisible leaks were detected.

The leak was located in the basement which explains why it had gone unnoticed for quite some time. Prior to fixing it, water losses averaged about 700 liters per hour, which amounts to 16 cubic meters per day, and an estimated 500 cubic meters per month. The water tariff per cubic meter in Sofia is 2.94 leva, which means that Pirogov was losing over 1400 leva per month because of this hidden leak alone

Pirogov Hospital - water data

Pirogov Hospital managed to generate savings of over 2000 leva per month as a result of detecting and fixing these two utility system failures. 

ThingsLog water & energy solutions investment was recovered shortly after the implementation

Human errors and oversight are usually the cause of wasteful consumption. The solutions implemented by ThingsLog continue to monitor the water and energy network across the vast hospital complex. ThingsLog’s software allows setting consumption threshold alarms to notify the customer of deviation from the baseline in a timely manner. 

In summary, the client has been able to recover its investment in water and electricity monitoring technology shortly after the implementation of ThingsLog on its premises.



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