Hotel water supply – the most important factor for guest satisfaction

As many hotel owners know – the hotel water supply is precious. Without water hotel guests quickly run out of the hotel and claims are fired. Learn how ThingsLog can help you to avoid that situation and react quickly if it happens.

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ThingsLog DMA Zone monitoring

How to improve the water balance by introducing non-revenue waters monitoring system?

NRW (Non-Revenue Water) is water that has been produced and is “lost” before it reaches the customer. NRW monitoring is the process of monitoring losses in pipe distribution networks. Learn how Non-revenue waters monitoring system can help water utilities to improve their water balance by reducing the Non-Revenue waters.

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Wishing you a happy Easter!

ThingsLog team wish you a Happy Easter 2021!

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remote tank monitoring data logger

Learn how ThingsLog remote water level monitoring works

Operating on NB-IoT or legacy 2G/4G cellular network, ThingsLog LMDL is a remote water tank level monitoring data logger that provides precise configurable metering and fast real-time transmission.

ThingsLog remote level monitoring system design focuses on providing high-quality water level data to its users, with high accuracy and easy to use device kit in a low power way. That makes it extremely suitable for level monitoring on remote locations without an existing power supply.

LMDL -1101


  • An accurate and reliable monitoring system of water levels in your preferred water environment
  • Real-time alerts for changes in the water levels through our app to save you time & money


  • Can be used in non-aggressive fluids such as freshwater
  • Level of measurement: up to 200 meters (More than 100 meters can be done on a special request)
  • Working temperature: 0 ÷ 70 °C
  • Low/High-level instant alarms
  • Accuracy: 0.5% for 100% of FSO
  • Electrical connection: ventilated cable
  • Probe diameter: 27 (30) mm
  • Probe material: stainless steel 304/316 L
  • Built-in stainless steel membrane 316 SS

The remote level data monitoring data logger is suitable for

  • Water tanks remote monitoring
  • Remote monitoring of water dwells
  • Borehole Water Levels remote monitoring
  • Remote monitoring of larger ponds and reservoirs
  • Suitable for early warning systems on locations with difficult access and no power supply
  • People that would like to get level data on their smart phone

How it works?

ThingsLog level monitoring

What’s included

  • ThingsLog Low power data logger
  • ThingsLog Level sensor with barometric cable
  • Subscription package for  ThingsLog platform & mobile app
  • Global roaming 2G data service
  • Self-service remote installation support

ThingsLog platform & mobile app

  • Data transmission over 2G/GPRS
  • Configurable metering and transmission periods
  • Reconfiguration over the AIR
  • 10 years battery life (12000 transmissions) with a replaceable battery
  • 19 uA consumption in sleeping mode
  • Power supply options: low power with lithium batteries, 12V, 24V, Solar combination of on power + low power
  • 1-year subscription for ThingsLog platform & mobile app
  • Open REST data push/pull APIs

How does the data look like?

Level monitoring dashboard
Platform dashboards


How to order?

If you have questions please don’t hesitate to send us a message on our contact form.

There are several orderable options:

  • Complete solution (logger, sensor, platform and mobile app with included 2G data)
  • Complete solution (logger, sensor, platform and mobile app with NB-IoT
  • Hardware only NB-IoT Data logger with level sensor with MQTT data transfer support

Prior to ordering please check your tank level and the location where the data logger will have to be installed. You need to specify the level depth and the excessive cable length (distance between the top of the tank or reservoir and the location where the logger will be installed).


  • Full solution documentation – link


Active/reactive energy

DM Beauty and Health: Energy metering and monitoring

We are presenting the ThingsLog remote Energy monitoring solution and its application in – DM drogeriemarkt – one of the largest European retail chains.

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water flow consumption profile

Use Case: Sofiyska Voda – consumption profiling of water consumers in the city

Sofiyska Voda is the leading water utility in Bulgaria that provides water and wastewater services to the capital of the country. They are one of the first ThingsLog clients. In this use case study, we are presenting the general usage of ThingsLog products by Sofiyska Voda.

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livestock average water consumption

The importance of monitoring water consumption of livestock

In this blog post we will try to summarize the importance of monitoring water consumption of live stock (cattle, chicken/broilers, pigs) and how you can simply achieve it by using our products.

Why it is so important to monitor water consumption of your livestock

Providing adequate water to livestock is critical for animal health and production. Livestock water requirements vary significantly depending on the species and it is influenced by a number of factors such as age, rate of gain, pregnancy, lactation, activity, type of a diet, feed intake and environmental temperature. In order to meet water intake requirements, farmers obtain water from wells, fountains, surface water and moisture found in feedstuffs. Regardless of location and the way animals drink, the water consumption can be monitored. Farmers can get graphed data to analyze and receive early warnings & notifications to be able to react on time and prevent damage to their herds.

Livestock water consumption
Livestock water consumption

Livestock water usage vary significantly depending on the species. Water consumption is influenced by a number of factors, including age, rate of gain, pregnancy, lactation, activity, type of a diet, feed intake and environmental temperature. Livestock obtain water from wells, fountains, surface water and moisture found in feedstuffs.

10% decrements in livestock body water can be critical for animal health and fatal for most of the species.

Importance to monitor water consumption in chicken farms

Recent research has shown that during the first full day of its life a chick will eat approximately 1/4 of its weight in feed.

By the end of the first week, a 40-gram chick (0.09 lbs) will eat approximately 150 grams (0.33 lbs) of feed. That would result in gain of approximately 140 grams (0.31 lbs). This gives a feed conversion ratio (FCR) of approximately 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs) of gain/ lbs. of feed (Alqhtani, 2016).

That very high growth rate during the first week is only achievable IF the chicks have access to plenty of water. Simply, if a chick does not drink, it will not feed and will not grow. 

Chicken water usage

So, identifying problems early on with chick water usage during the first few days of chick’s life can be of tremendous benefit to the farmer. 


As per [4] “the average daily gain of all pigs is 0.70kg per day. Water consumption increased linearly, with a lower rate of increase as pigs neared slaughter weight. On average, pigs consumed (use plus wastage) 7.07 liters of water per kg of gain.” Also as per [4] “the average pen water consumption per pig in relation to observed symptoms of disease (as recorded by the health scores), showed a reduction in water consumption in pens in suffering from scour at a clinical score of four in week two of the trial.” So again, similar to chickens and cattle, reduced water consumption is a sign that something is happening with your pigs.

How does ThingsLog can help?

Figuring out the importance to monitor water consumption of livestock we have put together a solution for water consumption metering and monitoring The solution allows farmers to monitor through ThingsLog mobile app on their phones and tables water consumption together with tank/dwell water level and to detect sudden pressure drops in water supply network. Some examples below:

chick water consumption
Chick water consumption (10k chickens) – growing pattern

On the example above you can see how chicken’s daily water consumption pattern increases day by day.

chick flock daily water consumption
Chicken flock daily usage – day 10
chicken flock water consumption day 30
Chicken flock daily usage – day 30
chicken flock sidden drop in water consumption
Sudden drop in chicken flock’s water consumption
ThingsLog mobile app - sudden pressure drop in water supply network
Sudden pressure drop in water supply network

Pressure drop in water supply networks is a sure sign for lack of water in the pipes and this can cause issues for you and your stock. It is crucial to get an instant alarm notification and react fast.

How to buy?

You can see more information on ThingsLog industry solution for farming and livestock on here.

If you have questions please don’t hesitate to send us a message on our contact form


Being able to accurately measure water usage during the stock life has tremendous benefits. Farmers that understand the importance of monitoring water consumption of live stock have significantly better chances to grow better herds or flock with less costs. 

Generally speaking, the more water animals are drinking, the better they are doing. If water usage is lower compared to previous periods, it typically means the animals are eating less than before, resulting in slowed down growth. Possible reasons are extreme temperature changes at the house and/or animals are unwell and have gotten sick. This could be an incident with the drinker system or a hole in your tank. Regardless of the reasons, having a water monitoring solution capable of accurately measuring animals water usage is one of the best and most inexpensive methods of providing a farm manager an indicator of their livestock life conditions. 


  1. The importance of monitoring chick water usage
  2. Water Consumption Rates/Levels for Layers & Broilers
  3. Water Intake and Dry Matter Intake Changes as a Feeding Management Tool and Indicator of Health and Estrus Status in Dairy Cows
  4. Monitoring Water Consumption to Assist Health Management


NB-IoT network

Free online training: NB-IoT the mysterious low power cellular network offering

Wondering what to do at home during that challenging time? Learn something new and interesting. We suggest taking a practical and free online training and understanding more about NB-IoT and IoT cellular offerings.

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ThingsLog global presence

ThingsLog IoT gets multilingual in 6 different languages

ThingsLog platform and mobile app is now available in English, Russian, Spanish, German, Greek and Bulgarian.

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