As many hotel owners know – the hotel water supply is precious. Without water hotel guests quickly run out of the hotel and claims are fired. Learn how ThingsLog can help you to avoid that situation and react quickly if it happens.


ThingsLog is a monitoring platform that helps customers remotely monitor the level of water and diesel tanks. Recently the chief executive of a beautiful hotel in the Spa Capital of the Balkans – Velingrad, contacted us. Velingrad is well known for its beautiful nature and more than 80 mineral water springs. However, as we will see only beautiful nature and mineral water is not sufficient for keeping hotel guests happy and enjoying the beautiful spa and surroundings.


The hotel had a very basic issue. The water supply network in Velingrad is old and many incidents are leading to the stopping of the water supply.  Each incident mean half a day to a day without a water supply which always led to problems with guests. They either run away or if not he has to compensate them somehow with a free bottle of wine or dinner in the restaurant.

Therefore, his response to the situation was to place a large 10 m3 water tank in the backyard of his hotel. So in case of a lack of water supply situation his personal has to turn on a couple of valves so that the hotel start using water from there.  The water in the tank has been supplied by underground drilling well that again has to be manually switched on and off.

That has improved the situation a bit but only partially. Now if the person of the hotel sense fast enough the lack of water supply they were able to react and start using water from the tank. However, since there was no monitoring either of the pressure or the tank level there were always issues. In most of the cases, they did not react on time and the tank has been interconnected after the first complaints of the guests.

A couple of times, the people on shift did not know how to properly interconnect the tank and which valves to turn on or off so that the water from the tank went straight back into the public water supply network.


The hotel got remote monitoring of pressure, tank level, and water consumption as a service. Pressure monitoring has been used for quickly detecting pressure drops in the main water supply network. Each pressure drop means a new leak and eventually a lack of water supply. In all those cases ThingsLog fired a low-pressure alarm to reception. The hotel manager and owner also received the alarms on their mobile phone. With the alarms, they got also pressure and water consumption data.

Once the personal reacts, switch on the backup tank water supply the pressure monitoring system sends an alarm for pressure being back to normal which means that the hotel is operating normally.

In such a situation, if they got a tank low-level alarm that would mean that the tank is at 20 % and the drilling well pump has to be switched on so that tank to be filled back again.

Finally, if the pressure sensor on the main water supply network indicates back a normal pressure the tank water supply has to be switched off and the main water supply to be restored.

Benefits for the hotel

Quick reaction to lack of main water supply situations has improved the reputation of the hotel.

In addition to that, they get some extra guests in such situations since the rest of the hotels in the area did not have such a solution and were unable to react so quickly.

Hotel reputation in has increased.

Hotel management saved on an annual basis around 15% of the total bill for water. That unexpected benefit comes from water consumption monitoring. It appears that hotel guests and hotel personal forget sinks quite often which leads to too approximately 10% of the monthly consumption. ThingsLog also discovered a leak in the irrigation system that has led to a huge constant water loss during the summer season.

Finally, the system also discovered hidden mineral water leaks in the water supply system of the spa.

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