DM Beauty and Health: Energy metering and monitoring

We are presenting the ThingsLog remote Energy monitoring solution and its application in – DM drogeriemarkt – one of the largest European retail chains.

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DM drogeriemarkt is a multinational home and beauty care company with headquarters in Salzburg, Austria. Today this successful venture operates in 12 countries, with 3688 branches and more than 62 000 employees. They are one of the ThingsLog customers that use electric energy optimization services.

In 2009, DM opened its first store in Vidin, Bulgaria. Currently, there are over 90 stores in the country, with 35 branches in the capital, Sofia. The range of DM products includes over 13,000 products in beauty, health, and household categories. Moreover, DM also sells pet food, small textiles, and seasonal products. There are over 27 DM brands that specifically focus on natural cosmetics and healthy eating. In Austria, DM offers additional services such as beauty studios and healthy eating areas. Considering all these qualities of DM and their high customer satisfaction rate, it is clear why DM became one of the most beloved Austrian brands.

Problem – High unexpected electricity bills

In Bulgaria, DM had issues with large and unexplainable electricity energy consumption bills especially when the DM shop is part of a larger mall.

DM facility manager Iliyana Rebrova contacted ThingsLog with a particular problem with one of their shops in a well-known Bulgarian mall. The electricity bills were unusually high compared to most of the other shops across the country.

Solution – Remote energy monitoring

ThingsLog deployed a data logger that has been connected directly to the existing electricity meter over an S0 pulse output. DM was quickly able to verify their consumption, figure out some potential reasons what human errors – forgotten climas, nonclosed doors of the cold room that affected their consumption. Also, they were able to show the mall how do they consume and to prove that there is often something wrong in their own metering (done manually by a guy).

ThingsLog provides DM Beauty and Health with these services:

  • Remote Energy metering and monitoring of electricity by placing a device – a logger for reading active, reactive energy and logging full power, connected to a measuring device – electricity meter;
  • Statistics and reports;
  • Notifications for non-standard levels (low, high) of consumption;
ThingsLog-Beauty and Health: Energy metering and monitoring

DM uses our products by monitoring deviations in consumption at different temperature settings of the air conditioners, as well as when they are turned off in the evening or when the lighting is turned off.

Conclusion: “I would recommend this ThingsLog Retail chain energy monitoring solution”

DM’s representative in Bulgaria, Iliyana Rebrova, shared:

“I would recommend this ThingsLog Retail chain energy monitoring solution because it allows tracking of electricity consumption and its optimization.”

DM, as one of the largest European international brands, recommends Thingslog services.

Finally, would you like to read more about electricity consumption monitoring? Find out more here: Energy Consumption Monitoring



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