ThingsLog & Electronica

Our team has visited Electronica 2022 – one of the most significant technology events in embedded world this November in Munch, Germany.

There are 3 key major topics related to our business that were among the key technology trends during the event.

Energy monitoring 

Energy monitoring isn’t something novel. Over the last few years, reducing costs for energy has been a hot topic in the industrial sector. People has tried to install solar, to change energy suppliers but without monitoring and profiling all those efforts are a bit pointless. During the event ThingsLog team did a nice presentation of our combined energy monitoring and control solution with 1NCE. ’

Smart technologies

The word that has ruled the world for the last 2 decades. In everyday life, we use smart for a variety of reasons – smart phones, smart homes, smart city and more. Industrially, we can find many smart processes that can be implemented. IoT can offer to industry and municipalities smart solutions for smart water metering,  smart energy monitoring and optimization, smart public sector solutions for air quality monitoring, energy optimization, street light control and more. 

Electronics manufacturing and supply chain monitoring

Pricing is the main problem because of the constant price changes in utilities. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you knew the exact production price of every product? Part of this is for the supplier to be able to track its costs to produce, store and transport the produced goods. With ThingsLog  IoT solution c chip manufacturers could  measure every aspect of their production – water, energy, air, and produce steady predictable pricing for their customers..

During the show our team had a great time meeting with partners, presenting our solutions and last but not least enjoying the atmosphere of the event.




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