Usecase: Hotel water consumption optimization

Learn how ThingsLog water metering and monitoring solution helped to a hotel to achieve water consumption optimization.

Customer enagement utility

A year ago Sofia Water utility company has started a pilot project with ThingsLog. As part of the trial they put one of our data loggers on the main water meter of a medium sized hotel. The reason was that the hotel managemenet was complaining about too high bills for water consumption. Thus the utility company has sent people on site to check the main water meter. The guys did not find any issues with it.

Abnormal water consumption in customer property

It did not take too much of a time and leaks start to happen. Initially the system identify small leaks that were about 0.8 m3/h of water for 4-6 hours.

water leak detection
Water leak

But then on 15th of May the first big water leak appear. It was about 0.9 m3/h of water and continued for about 10 days. On the 3th day the water utility company proactively informed the hotel management that a leak or as they say it (continious water consumption) of 0.9 m3/h has been idtentified.

The hotel management was sceptical. After quite a lot of searching they found a small leak in the hotel irrigation system. The hotel personal fixed the irrigation system on 24th of May. However as we see from the graph the fix got very little impact on the consumption. The leak consumption decreased just by 0.1 m3/h. So the utility replied that the abnormal consumption is still present.

That made the hotel owner very nervous so he personally start checking each room. Finally on 25th he went to the president apartment. This is the most expensive apartment in the hotel. It was on the last floor and that has not been given to anybody during last 10 days.

Inside he found a forgoten water sink by the hotel maid responsible for that floor. The lady cleaned the apartment on 15th of May which perfectly fit with our graphs. On 25th the guy sent to the main office of the utility company his best hand made cookies and a cake made by the hotel chef.

How does it work?

ThingsLog smart metering and monitoring
ThingsLog remote metering and monitoring solution

ThingsLog remote metering and monitoring solution consists of:

  • LPMDL-1101 2G/GSM data logger with pulse input;
  • Platform for storing, analyzing and visualization of the data.
  • Mobile app for instant consumption monitoring and alerting.

The data logger connects to the pulse outputs of the water meter. The logger converts each pulse generated by the water meter to a water quantity thus it counts the consumption. The device is able to record consumption per minute and transmits the data to ThingsLog platform on every 12 hours.

It has build in alarm capability. The system generated alarms for abnormaly high daily consumption, for a non zero nightly consumption and for a high flow. The utility NOC monitors the data on ThingsLog dashboard. The hotel owner uses ThingsLog mobile app to instantly track his consumption and get the alarms.

As conclusion every drop matters!

Water leaks are not caused only by damaged pipes. Most of the time actually somebody forgot something. A forgotten sink may cause 0.6-0.9 m3/h water consumption. A leaky toiltet cistern may cause 0.3m3/h. In Sofia at that time the water and waste water cost was about 1.5 Euro per m3.

So for 10 days the forgotten sink caused an extra bill of 324 Euro which is more than the cost of the logger we have placed there. As we see from the graph leaks and continious water consumption are common events for the hotel. We have estimated that if hotel Djordan had ThingsLog low power metering and monitoring solution for an year they would save arround 15% of their total water bills.

Every drop matters!



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