Remote Metering and Monitoring of meters and sensors

As a service

Remote Metering and Monitoring of sensors and meters as a service

ThingsLog offers a platform for RMMAAS

Make the dumb meters and sensors “smarter” and add them to the IoT cloud.

ThingsLog offers a platform for RMMAAS


ThingsLog offers a platform for RMMAAS – Remote Metering and Monitoring as a Service of meters sensors. Our platform is a cost-effective replacement of existing AMR and AMI systems. Suitable to meter, monitor and manage water, heat, gas and power meters, analog sensors and ON/OFF actuators.

The key features of the platform are:

  • Device management and configuration
  • Data management of meter/sensor readings
  • Consumption monitoring as a service 
  • Battery and signal level monitoring
  • Integration with 3th party meters, loggers and gateways
  • Data analysis and visualization 
  • REST API interface for integration with other platforms
  • Alarms and notifications
  • User, accounts and company management
  • Consumption monitoring 
  • User friendly UI and mobile app

How does it work?

Loggers and ports

We design and manufactures low power data loggers with 2G, NB-IoT and LoRa  network connectivity.  All products are designed with the principles of low power and LPWAN in mind. They have CE certification and IP68 International Protection Marking. Some of the models have modifications suitable for Ex zone 1 and 2.

The customer can use the loggers for smart metering of “ordinary” meters and for monitoring of analog or on/off sensors.  Examples for such are analog sensors, transmitters and transducers of pressure, temperature, level, leakage, humidity and many others.

A real usecase is presented below. One of our customers has used the loggers to measure simultaneously flow in water pressure redactor and pressure before and after it.  

Logger - combined pulse counting and pressure monitoring

Architecture and way of work

ThingsLog platform how it works

ThingsLog platform core components are:

  • Backend – a number of services responsible for configuration of the loggers, synchronization of their time, receiving the data, updating firmware, generating notifications.
  • UI – User interface component responsible for visualization of the data configuration of the loggers, user management, language settings
  • Database – Am SQL and NOSQL databases responsible for storing the users, devices their configuration and data.
  • Remote node – a subset of the platform deployed typically in customer premises responsible for configuration the loggers, synchronizing their time and pushing the data to 3th party platforms. It contains only a configuration database and does not have the “data” database tier.

Deployment options

There are several deployment/delivery models. 

  • RMMAAS – Remote metering and monitoring as a service – our most common and cost-effective SAAS offering.
  • PAAS – The platform is available as a cloud service deployed in our OpenStack cloud. Customizations and custom integrations are welcome!
  • On-prem – Platform deployed on an infrastructure in customer premises or 3th party clodu. The advantage is that the customer has full end-to-end control over the platform and the packet way between the loggers and it. 

Licenses and subscriptions

The platform is licensed on subscription packages calculated as a sum of the yearly readings received by the loggers associated with a customer profile. The customer buys different packages based on the number of loggers and the number of readings generated by them on yearly basis. 

On-prem and PAAS deployment options are associated also to a separate license and professional service costs.

Our partners and larger customers typically buy larger subscription packages and resale them to their own customers.

The platfom allows us to offer flexible solutions


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Industries and Domains We Support

Utility Companies

Gather frequent data reporting which creates a good base for data analysis.

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Large Manufacturing

Boost your business by saving from electricity / water and gas bills.

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Hotels & Restaurants

Real-time detection of any leakages within your hotel / restaurant.

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Public Sector

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Property Managers & Landlords

Detect problems and leakages real-time, fix the problem immediately.

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Telecom Operators

Enable better flexibility as well as more sustainable business model.

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