Smart Water Monitoring

ThingsLog Smart Water Monitoring System gives you the power to monitor water usage by combining software, hardware, wireless communications and sensors

Introduction to ThingsLog smart water monitoring solutions

ThingsLog smart metering and monitoring

ThingsLog Smart Water Monitoring System provides water utility operators, farmers, and enterprises the ability to meter, monitor, and control their urban water distribution networks. Our solution is based on a combination of low-power data loggers, smart water meters, and our own monitoring platform.

ThingsLog Smart water - how it works

Our solution does not require pre-installed power sources or solar panels. ThingsLog works on places with difficult access like manholes and deep basements. Data loggers transmit over cellular network technology such as 2G, 3G and 4G, Narrowband IoT and LoRa/LPWAN. ThingsLog data loggers all have IP668 levels of protection and resist extreme conditions ranging from +80 °C to -40 °C.

ThingsLog industry-leading IoTurban water monitoring and analytics solutions help utilities, industries, and hotels to increase productivity and achieve compliance while enhancing safety, sustainability and service.

ThingsLog platform is working in public cloud (Amazon, OpenStack), private or hybrid clouds.  For customers and enterprises, we offer private deployments and customizations. No matter the type of deployment there is an open utility data APIs for integration with 3rd party systems. 

Solution by type

ThingsLog smart water monitoring solution portfolio consists of several solutions that could be combined in any possible combination:

Look and feel

All customers can access their data on ThingsLog Analytics Dashboards from virtually anywhere and receive on-demand alerts via email, text through iOS and Android mobile app.

Grafana smart metering and monitoring

Our mobile app is downloadable from Google Play and Apple stores. It allows an easy and convenient way of viewing graphs and getting instant alerts from sensors, loggers and meters. 

Remote water meter monitoring app

Smart Water Monitoring

Usecases and applications

Find out where we apply our smart water monitoring technology. Find your usecase and contact us.

Non Revenue Waters monitoring for utility operators

We help to water utility operators to monitor flow and pressure in DMA (District Metering Areas) zones with IP68 protected low power data loggers. As a network technology we support traditional GSM, NB-IoT (Narrowband IoT) and LoRa/LPWAN. Typical usage is reading flow and pressure values on 15 minutes time interval and data storage up to 5 years.

Usecases and applications

Sewerage and stormwater network monitoring

To storm and waste water utilities we help in sewerage and stormwater network management by providing a low power level and water quality monitoring, fatbergs detection and early warning systems.

Usecases and applications

Water flow, tank and pressure monitoring for the industry

ThingsLog water monitoring solutions help industries to meet the wide array of challenges from water tank level monitoring, leakage detection and water pressure management, sewer overflows and flooding to water quality, water meter data collection. To industries we help in managing more effectively problems such as water conservation procedures and operations in addition to the installation of water-efficient equipment and accessories.

Usecases and applications

Solve difficult challenges in water for hotels and resorts

In order to operate hotels and resorts need steady water supply. We offer a combined solution for water flow monitoring, pressure and tank level monitoring. Smart water monitoring could help in reducing water pressure from 70 to 50 psi could lower the total water consumption of a hotel by 10 to 20%.

Usecases and applications

Help farmers in livestock water consumption monitoring

Livestock water consumption monitoring is the best and easiest way to consider about the animals health condition. Our solution includes monitoring of animal water consumtion, level monioring of water tanks and reservoirs and monitoring for leaks in pipes in farms. Beneficial for livestock, pig farms, broilers and other farms.

Usecases and applications

Bring together customers and utilities by smart metering

Our smart water meter reading solution helps to the end customers and the water utilities to stay together and see the same data. Utility gets the meter data in an easy and integrated way. Customers are able to verify their bills and get timely notifications in case of a leak or abnormal consumption.

Usecases and applications
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