ThingsLog – an elegant way for ultimate utility consumption monitoring

“What is consumption monitoring? Consumption monitoring is the ability to monitor the way you consume certain resources. In particular for the utility sector water, natural gas, electrical or heat energy.

From where does the need for consumption monitoring arrise ?

Utility operators provide resources vital for modern human society – water, electricity, gas, or hot water. We are the consumers – pretty much any business or household. In most cases, neither of us really knows how did we consume the natural resource or how our bill get formed.

Knowing your consumption is the first step to sustainability, recycling, circular economy, and limiting climate change!

If we go deeper it is important to know what is the effect of our way of life and actions on the environment. For example, we bought a new fridge for our home. The reason our current fridge is 10 years old and is only A+. The new one is A+++ and has a bunch of fancy features. Cool but about that our electricity bill has increased after that? Is it due to the new fridge or due to something else? Again here comes consumption monitoring and profiling.

What does ThingsLog do?

We are specialists in consumption monitoring as a service in a way that you don’t need to change your existing meters or infrastructure. Our offering consists of:

Directly attachable IoT data loggers to utility meters

You can attach them to your existing meters and start to count pulses. Each pulse is equal to a certain amount of water, gas, or energy. Loggers work with radio networks such as Lora, wifi, GSM, or NB-IoT and transmit the data to our platform. If you wonder what is a data logger you may check this post.

IoT Platform for consumption monitoring

The platform stores the data analyzes it and generates alerts if abnormal or high consumption is detected. You may imagine the high consumption as a leak or theft. In the ThingsLog IoT platform, you may also visualize your consumption and understand what is consumption profiling – sampling your water or energy usage in short periods of time.

Consumption monitoring and profiling
Main water meter

Mobile app for consumption monitoring

Finally, our clients need a nice and easy-to-use way to monitor their consumption profiles and also to get their alerts. Here comes the role of the ThingsLog mobile app for utility service usage monitoring.

ThingsLog mobile app
ThingsLog mobile app

The app is freely available in the Apple and Google app stores.


So finally consumption monitoring of utility service is the ability to monitor and profile the way you use the delivered resource – water, gas, energy, or heat. If that post was helpful for you please share it online!



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