How does a smart water monitoring system work?

Wonder How does a smart water monitoring system work? If so continue reading here!

Types of water monitoring

Water could be monitored in several very different ways. Most people monitor their water consumption with some kind of water meter or a flow meter.

Water monitoring system from a water flow metering

Meters typically rotate as the water moves through them or measure water velocity with ultrasonic flow or water meters. The meters also generate pulses per certain water quantity that pass through them. Pulses could be counted by a data logger with a pulse counter. The data logger sends the data to the water monitoring system and from where users can review their water consumption.

Water monitoring system from a tank

Another way to monitor water is by monitoring the level of a water tank, reservoir, or dam. By the level, if you know the shape of the tank or have a matching table from level to volume, the volume of water in the tank could be calculated. The level could be monitored by a submersible hydrostatic level sensor with great accuracy. Another way to monitor the level is by ultrasonic or radar contactless level sensor. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. The sensor could be connected to a data logger and data again could be sent to a water monitoring system. Based on that information the system could switch on/off pumps or control valves so that the monitoring information could be used not just for a review of the current or previous level/volume but also for active control.

In Conclusion how principles of water monitoring system works

Hope that in this post you have understood the principles of how a water monitoring system works. Water monitoring systems such as ThingsLog could be useful in manufacturing, hospitality, farms, livestock owners, water and heat utility operators, and many others.

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