Remote pressure monitoring

Tailor made solution for pressure monitoring of pottable and heating water

Pressure monitoring in pipe networks

Solution description

Pressure management in pipe networks is fundamental for providing safe drinking and heating water. We have developed simple and cost-effective remote pressure monitoring system based on low power data loggers and tailor made pressure sensors.

Solution description
We care about water

We offer pressure monitoring sets for safe delivery of drinking and heating water.

Pressure sensors

Gauge, absolute or differential pressure sensors suitable for low power monitoring

Low power data loggers

With 2G/GSM, NB-IoT, LoRa/LoRaWAN specially designed for low power pressure monitoring.

ThingsLog Platform

ThingsLog Platform provides data storage, analytics engine and UI visualization.

Network type

Our solution works with 2G/GSM, LoRa or NB-IoT network connectivity.

Mobile app

ThingsLog mobile app allows easy access to to pressure graphs and instant notifications in case of low/ligh pressure alarms.

How does ThingsLog Tank Pressure monitoring work?

The solution is based on ThingsLog low power data loggers with 2G, NB-IoT network connectivity and tailor made pressure sensors.

An example application of ThingsLog pressure monitoring solution is presented bellow.

Pressure monitoring

The logger is connected to two pressure sensors mounter to a pressure reducer. The logger works in low power mode, wakes up every minute and obtains pressure readings from the sensors. On configurable transmission time the logger wakes up and transmits the values. In addition if certain pressure leaves a preconfigured safe threshold area the logger wakes up and transmits instant alarms.

The readings are recorded in ThingsLog platform. Users review the data and get alarms on ThingsLog mobile app or 3rd party SCADA systems.

If you want to learn more and prior to order download ThingsLog pressure monitoring brochure.

Remote pressure monitoring has never been so easy!
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