Making Remote Tank Level Monitoring Easy and Efficient with ThingsLog Solutions

Tank level monitoring is a process of great importance for a number of industries, including water utilities, construction, manufacturing, environment and agriculture. Accurate and reliable tank level measurements are crucial for ensuring efficient operations, preventing overflows or stockouts, and optimizing resource management.

However, measuring tank levels can be a challenging task due to various environmental factors and the different properties of fluids and substances being stored. In this article, we are sharing some common challenges associated with tank level monitoring how we addressed them with ThingsLog’s Remote Tank Level Monitoring solutions.

Clients’ challenges in Tank Level Monitoring

  • Fluid Compatibility: Different industries store all kinds of fluids and substances, from water and oil to food products and concrete. Each substance has its unique properties, including viscosity, density, and corrosiveness, making it challenging to find a one-size-fits-all solution for level measurement.
  • Environmental Conditions: Tanks can be located in harsh environments where temperature fluctuations, humidity, and corrosive substances can affect the accuracy and longevity of sensors and measurement devices.
  • Wireless Connectivity: In modern industrial operations, remote monitoring and data accessibility are crucial for effective tank level management. Traditional wired systems can be expensive to install and maintain, limiting their feasibility in remote or expansive facilities.
  • Timely and accurate Measurement: Timely and accurate measurement is essential to prevent costly errors or safety hazards. This becomes even more complex if it is a remote installation in a location without power that has to be able to raise an alarm at any time and still operate in low power mode.

Key Features of the ThingsLog Tank Level Monitoring Solution

ThingsLog has followed various customer requirements following an adaptive approach to tank level monitoring to address the challenges mentioned above. The solution offers several key advantages:

  • Specialized sensors for different use cases: ThingsLog solution is pre-integrated with a number of sensors suitable for different type of fluids or substances. Some of the common implementations are:
    • Submersible hydrostatic level sensor – commonly used for all kinds of water tanks, ponds, drilling wells, etc. Depending on the size and shape of the container the level and volume of the fluid can be monitored. The integrated sensors are high quality, EU produced, available in modifications for aggressive and non-aggressive fluids, with selectable accuracy and for various depths.
    • Ultrasonic sensors  – implemented for non-contact measurement, e.g. for dense liquids, wastewaters or in closed tanks with agitations, typically in water treatment plants or in food processing.
    • Laser sensors with high accuracy  – for closed tanks, especially where working environment noise can cause interference with the ultrasonic sensor, e.g. in siloes for building materials.
  • Robustness and Durability: The sensors integrated with ThingsLog monitoring solution are designed to withstand harsh conditions, including widely fluctuating temperatures and corrosive environments. This ensures long useful life and reliability in even challenging industrial settings.
  • Remote Connectivity and low power technology: ThingsLog’s solutions leverage wireless technology to enable remote monitoring and data access. We support broad connectivity options like 2G/4G, LoRa Wan, NB IoT and CAT-M1 and we use low power technology that allows years of operation of the hardware on batteries. At the same time ThingsLog data loggers support broad options for immediate alarms that are received immediately and can be used to prevent issues with levels or detect them immediately. 
  • Cloud-Based Monitoring: All data is collected and stored in a secure cloud platform, providing insights, instant alerts, and historical data analysis. This cloud-based approach simplifies data management and allows real fast implementation of the technology.
  • Customization and Integration: ThingsLog’s solutions are highly customizable and can be integrated into existing systems and software through a standard API, making them suitable to a wide range of industries and applications.

What makes Tank Level Monitoring by ThingsLog a good fit for your needs?

Efficient tank level monitoring must address many challenges related to fluid characteristics, environmental conditions, accuracy, and remote connectivity.

ThingsLog’s Tank Level Monitoring solutions offer a comprehensive response to these challenges. Our engineers have done the preliminary research and selected the best sensors for the specific use case. Because the sensors are already pre-integrated, tried and tested, the solution implements within weeks allowing real fast time to benefit from using ThingsLog technology. By choosing ThingsLog, industries can ensure efficient and reliable tank level management, leading to improved operational efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced safety across the board.



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