Free online training: NB-IoT the mysterious low power cellular network offering

Wondering what to do at home during that challenging time? Learn something new and interesting. We suggest taking a practical and free online training and understanding more about NB-IoT and IoT cellular offerings.

What is NB-IoT?

NB-IoT is a cellular radio technology suitable for low power data transfer. It works on private radio frequencies thus is typically offered as an addition to 4G offerings of traditional mobile telecom operators.

Where is it applicable?

The technology finds a wide range of applications in various IoT (Internet of Things) areas such as:

  • Sensor networks
  • Remote reading
  • Object Tracking
  • Security and perimeter control

It is suitable for industries like:

  • Smart city (smart buckets, smart toilets, smart coffee machines, smart parking lots all smart)
  • Utilities sector (remote metering and monitoring)
  • Agriculture
  • Industry
  • Tourism

What will you take away?

The course is suitable for people who ydo not have a broad knowledge of telecommunications or radio networks.

We will demistify the picture bellow

NB-IoT attachment timers and current consumption

Course topics

  • Basic concepts of radio networks
  • NB-IoT roaming and network architecture
  • CatNB1 vs CatNB2
  • NB-IoT timers
  • Power sleep mode
  • E-DRX
  • Cell-reselection
  • Demo on how to troubleshoot it

What will you know at the end of the course

  • Basics of radio transmission
  • What is NB-IoT and what are the differences between NB-IoT and other LPWAN technologies
  • What is power sleep mode and how to use eDRX
  • Mobility and NB-IoT – Cell-reselection

Who will be the lecturer?

Course will be led by d-r. Nikolay Milovanov

Nikolay Milovanov

Nikolay spent most of his 17-year carrier in telecommunications, network monitoring and advanced data logging including 4 years with ThingsLog.

Previously Nikolay has worked for companies like Intracom Telecom, Deutsche Telecom, Comptel, Apple, BMW, Deloitte and Nokia.

Nikolay holds a PhD degree in Telecommunications from New Bulgarian University where he still actively teaches in network engineering.


Free online training will be held on: 4th and 11th of March from 16:30 EEST

For whom is it appropriate?

The course would be useful to a broad audience of people such as:

  • Water, Gas and Power utility companies engineers
  • System integrators in the utility sectors
  • Device makers
  • IT people
  • Telecom and network engineers

Finally yet importantly, the course would also work for people with IoT as a hobby and an internal need to learn something new that is not directly related to their daily work.



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