Remote vaccine refrigerators temperature monitoring solution


In this blog post we describe our motivation to develop a simple but effective remote off-the-shelf vaccine refrigerators temperature monitoring solution

At the time Corona Virus/COVID-19 is storming through the world besides basic hygine there is not too much that ordinary people can do. Nowadays Doctors and medicine personal are real heroes. There is very little technology people can help them so we had a try.

For COVID-19 there is still no vaccine however hopefully one day there will be such. Many vaccines must be stored at low temperatures, some below -15°C, and others between 2 and 8°C.[1][2] If vaccines are not stored correctly they can lose their effectiveness. Thus extremely important is the vaccines has to stored and transported at the right temperature conditions. You can read more in this report of World Helth Organization.

Vaccine refrigerators

Medical personal use refrigerators to store the vaccines . Some are stationary and some are portable.

Stationary vaccine refrigerator
Portable vaccine refrigerator

Most of the vaccine refrigerators have build in temperature monitoring and alarming with visual and even sound alerting. That works well if you are close to the unit and are able to see or hear the alarm. However this is not always the case. Therefore we have developed a simple but effective temerature controled logistics solution for remote monitoring of vaccine refrigerators.

Remote vaccine refrigerators temperature monitoring solution

The basic solution idea is to put inside the vaccine refrigerator a low power temperature data logger able to transfer data and fire notifications over a radion network.

We already have the low power mobile data loggers. The loggers with GSM or NB-IoT are suitable for remote temperature monitoring. The GSM/NB-IoT networks have good reliable coverage accross the globe.

Low power mobile data logger.

Our data loggers work on batteries and does not need an external power supply. Loggers have an IP68 level of protection and are suitable for inside the vaccine refrigerator. Battery life is between 5 and 10 years. Each logger has one or more temperature and door open/close sensors.

  • The temperature sensors measure the temprature on one or more locations inside the refrigerator
  • The ON/OFF sensors signal each door open/close event

Most importantly the medics don’t need to buy a new refrigerator. The solution works perfectly with any existing refrigerator or storage container.

The logger measures the temperature every minute and transmits the values over the network on every couple of hours. If there is no network coverage the temperature readings reside inside the memory of the logger. The logger transmits the temperature readingonce the network is available. Most imprtantly the logger wakes up and fires up an instant alarm in case of:

  • temperature starts to rise too quickly
  • inside the container gets cold or too warm
  • door is opened or closed

The alarms are received on a mobile app, an email and by our common operation center. Temperature and alarm logs are always accesible later for review through our web portal.


  • Suitable for almost any doctor, medic or pharmacy
  • Works for vaccine transportation and storage
  • Could be used for other temperature sensitive medical goods – covid testers, medicines
  • Works well also for transportaion of any other kind of goods
  • You don’t need special knowledge to try all temperatures and alarms are fully configurable over the user interface
  • No need to look for a network operator – we will provide you the solution with preinstalled global SIM

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