Smart Water metering and monitoring

Core capabilities of ThingsLog water Monitoring Solution

  • End to end commercial metering solutions

  • Remote monitoring of drinking water consumption

  • Non revenue water (NRW) monitoring

  • DMA/PMA monitoring and alerting

  • Dam and reservoirs level monitoring

  • Tank level monitoring

  • Water flow monitoring

  • Temperature monitoring

  • Water quality monitoring and control of the water treatment process

  • Automatic water pump control Energy monitoring of pumping stations and treatment plants

  • Low power, wireless technology Software platform, available at any device

  • Mobile app with the logo of the utility operator

  • Customizable alarms

  • Data analytics and dashboards

  • Private LoRa™/LoRaWAN™ metering networks

  • Connectivity through 2G/GSM, LoRa™ or NB-IoT

ThingsLog Platform

Key benefits of ThingsLog water and wastewater Monitoring Solution

  • Save time and expenses metering locations with difficult access

  • Reduce water leakages

  • Limit commercial losses

  • Improve the water balance

  • Digitalize key water utility functions
  • Information buildup for key decisions on your water utility
  • Regulatory compliance where specific legislation is applie

ThingsLog Smart Water / Smart Wastewater Use Cases

Management of the water balance is а major challenge in modern day utilities. There are problems either with non-revenue losses or with commercial metering or both. In addition to that, pipe and sewage networks are typically old and difficult to troubleshoot and maintain. All those affect the profits of the water utilities.

To address these challenges, we have designed ThingsLog Smart Water metering and monitoring solution. Our platform uses IoT sensors, smart water and flow meters, proprietary data loggers and software platform in order to provide near real-time information about anything you need to know on your water network – current flow, water pressure, levels of key reservoirs, minimal night flow and commercial losses. The data is transferred over LoRa™, NB-IoT or conventional cellular technology. Water pump control is enabled via the ThingsLog special remote radio pumping station automation solution.

Data collection, retrieval, and analysis is highly automated to ensure efficient decision making. We help water utilities increase revenue, lower costs and reduce the non-revenue waters through smart control and efficient monitoring practices. ThingsLog take scalability and affordability seriously – our solutions is tailored even for the smallest water utility operators and cooperatives and can meet their growing needs.

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