Water / Gas / Electricity


Automated Meter Reading Process

ThingsLog offers uniform solution for metering and monitoring through GSM, LoRaWAN™ and NB-IoT. Our platform provides a smart approach to analyzing and visualizing data. 3rd party applications can be integrated as well.


User Consumption Profile

Better understanding of the consumer usage pattern of your customer. We help you predict customer consumption and timely detect anomalies.


Fraud Prevention

Some customers are willing to steal from the operator. ThingsLog helps you identify these cases, take action and reduce losses due to fraud.


Metering Location with Difficult Access

Obtaining a reading from some devices can be problematic or costly and usually this is due to access issues. ThingsLog lets you obtain the reading remotely, thus saving you the cost of personnel having to go on site.


Detection of Malfunctioned or Manipulated Metering Devices

Consumers will complain in case their bill is too high, but not when it’s too low. ThingsLog detects meter manipulations or malfunctions and can immediately trigger an alarm.


Wrongly Sized Metering Devices

Having the right size metering device on each location is necessary for the accurate consumption metering. If the device is too big or too small its sensitivity does not fit the location, leading to incorrect consumption readings.


Usage Notification Services to Your Customers

Some of your customers are willing to pay to make sure somebody is not stealing from their water, gas or electricity bill. ThingsLog helps utility operators offer such a service to their customers.


Leak Detection

ThingsLog helps utility operators detect leaks in their network. We also offer you the possibility of selling leak detection devices and services to your clients.

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