Telecom Operators

Looking for an IoT solution for smart monitoring and metering of water / gas / electricity that leverages your existing network infrastructure and your newly born IoT network offering?


ThingsLog is a smart metering and monitoring solution based on GSM/NB-IoT and LoRaWAN data loggers which you can integrate with your network and offer as a product to your business and to your end customers.

Integration with Existing 2G or 3G Mobile Networks

ThingsLog allows you to utilize existing network infrastructure and offer a new innovative service to your existing customers.


Integration with New LoRa / LoRaWAN™ and Newly Born NB-IoT Networks

Get a heads-up start to your new network offering by adding an already working solution for consumption metering and monitoring. The solution is well integrated with the existing networks and offers a smooth migration towards the IoT networks.


Sell Extra Notification Services by Letting your Customers Instantly Know About Their Consumption Alarms

Everybody would like to know that a leak or fraud is happening. ThingsLog monitors consumption and generates those alarms which can be send over SMS or other notification channels to your customers.

Smart metering has never been so easy!
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