ThingsLog has low power mobile data loggers with GSM, NB-IoT or LoRaTM radio network technologies.

Each of the technologies has its advantages and disadvantages. Bellow is a small summarizing those.

  • GSM/2G is still the most popular and widely available radio network technology.  As disadvantage it has not been optimized for low powered network devices and is already a bit old and outdated. Despite that in 90% of the cases GSM is still the only viable solution. Our GSM based offering comes with or without a preinstalled SIM card. Please let us know which option is suitable for you.
  • 4G/NB-IoT is an emerging IoT mobile data technology suitable especially for cases as usage metering. If your mobile operator offers an NB-IoT network service please let us know. To us this looks as the best network service for our service. Unfortunately still there are very few commercially ready NB-IoT deployments.
  • LoRaTM is an IoT radio technology operating on a free network band. We support it and more precisely the community LoRaWANTM network service called The Things Networks (TTN). If you choose the LoRaTM /TTN we can also offer you a Gateway device able to provide you with the network service that you need.  Our offering would also work with any other commercial TTN deployment. However please note that prior that to happen there an integration between us and your network provider should be performed.

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