Smart Oil Monitoring System

Core capabilities of Thingslog Smart Oil Monitoring System

  • Remote monitoring of tank levels

  • Oil well/Tanker Monitoring Solution

  • Temperature monitoring

  • Water pressure monitoring

  • Well Pump Control

  • Tank pressure monitoring

  • Software platform available on any device

  • Customizable alarms

  • Data analytics and dashboards

  • Historical data management

  • Easy to install and operate

Key benefits of Thingslog Smart Oil Monitoring System Solution

  • Real-time Pipeline Leakage detection

  • Real-time Alert System

  • Remote Area Pipeline Monitoring

  • Equipment Health Check

  • Theft protection

  • Prevent oil spillage and environmental pollution

  • Detect need of preventive maintenance for tanks

  • Detect abnormal consumptions

ThingsLog Smart Water / Thingslog Smart Oil Monitoring Use Cases

Stationary tanks and fuel containers installed remotely and/or outdoors require round-the-clock monitoring and rigorous management as a crucial part of the pipeline distribution network. Continuous tracking of important parameters such as level, pressure, and temperature ensure timely detection of adverse changes in the environment.

Accurate measurement and gathering historical data on tank status can mitigate risks around neglectful or wasteful human behavior – theft, breaches, etc. Near real time status overview across several parameters provide early warning for accidents such as leaks or breakdowns. Off-site tank monitoring is also a valuable instrument for cost-efficient inventory control and supply management planning the refill at multiple locations without a technician present.

ThingsLog provides a robust and reliable solution for tank monitoring. It integrates sensors and metering equipment with IoT enabled data loggers. The data collected through our loggers is retrieved remotely and uploaded in a web portal and mobile app. Beyond raw measurement data, the ThingsLog platform features enable the operators to track multiple readings at a time and calculate volume as a function of the pressure and temperature readings, for example.

ThingsLog triggers email or cell phone alarms when predefined thresholds are crossed. Moreover, automated control over valves and pumps can prevent overflow and depletion or maintain a certain volume of the liquid. The pressure and flow sensors track liquid quantities passing through, the integrity of the pipes, etc.

ThingsLog means advanced data acquisition technology relying on low power wireless data loggers and comprehensive platform for complex analytics. It provides easy-to-read, up-to-date, practical information for improved decision making. Intelligent tank monitoring is guaranteed even in location without electricity or limited connectivity. Affordable, scalable and versatile.

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