Smart Buildings Solution

Core capabilities of ThingsLog Smart Buildings Solution

  • Real time energy monitoring

  • Energy efficiency through room temperature control

  • Water Leaks detection & monitoring

  • Air quality control and detection of gases

  • Software platform, available at any device

  • Customizable alarms

  • Data analytics and dashboards

  • Connectivity through 2G/4G, LoRa™ or NB-IoT

Key benefits of ThingsLog Smart Buildings Solution

  • Allow energy efficiency projects even for buildings with old heating systems

  • Prevent revenue loss due to unavailable rooms in your hotel

  • Improve decision-making through better data-analytics

  • Improve occupants’ comfort and well-being in hotels and office buildings

  • Contribute to healthy and clean environment

  • Smart buildings are cost efficient

ThingsLog Smart Buildings Use Cases

ThingsLog Smart Buildings allows you to collect precision data and use technology to implement and improve processes for indoor environment monitoring and control.

Enable energy-efficient buildings

Energy consumption optimization dramatically reduces the operational costs of any building. ThingsLog Smart Buildings technology makes it easier even for buildings with legacy infrastructure to save energy and work on sustainable consumption. For that purpose, the consumption of electricity, gas, and water must be recorded transparently and examined for weak points to prevent waste.

Put water leaks under control

Pipe leaks can cause flooding, damages or losses unless detected and contained on time. Identifying water supply disruptions in time and the continuous monitoring of the plumbing infrastructure is essential for any building management. For hotels water leaks can be a reason for rooms to be unavailable for clients thus directly impacting customer experience and revenue generation. For facility managers, landlords and building operators, water leak damage repairs weigh on the maintenance budget.

Improve comfort and wellbeing by monitoring building environment

To guarantee healthy, safe and enjoyable indoor environment for dwellers and visitors, building and facility operators have to monitor air quality, humidity, temperature. ThingsLog Smart Buildings solution, connecting environmental sensors, proprietary data loggers, and a mobile software platform, can keep an eye on multiple ambient indicators. Is the humidity in the mall too high? Is the CO2 level in the office space within the normal range? Our solution can provide the answers you need.

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