End user solution for consumption monitoring

of water, gas and electricity

Our Offering

Remote consumption monitoring of water, gas or electricity. Based on own data loggers, platform and mobile app. Suitable for sub metering, know your bill, leaks and fraud detection.



We offer a unified solution for water consumption monitoring, leak detection and more…



We allow you to monitor your electricity bill, be notified on unusual consumption and more…



We offer a solution for gas consumption monitoring, notifications and more…


Smart Monitoring on your monthly consumption bill. Reduce costs, timely detect leaks and more..

Monthly Consumption Monitoring

We get reading from your metering device on a fixed time intervals – every 1, 5, 10 or 15 minutes.

Cost Savings on Your Monthly Bill

ThingsLog lets you know the nature of your consumption and allows you achieve a reduction on the monthly bill.

High Consumption Detection

Free alarm notifications over an email in case of high consumption detection.

Timely Leak Detection

Leaks are inevitable and sometimes they can be costly. ThingsLog detects them and notifies you almost in real time.

Fraud Prevention

Know for sure and respond accordingly if someone is stealing water or electricity from you.

Detection of Wrongly Sized Meters

Having the right size metering device on each location is necessary for the accurate consumption metering.

Detection of Malfunctioned Metering Devices

ThingsLog detects meter manipulations or malfunctions and can immediately trigger an alarm.

Metering of Locations with Difficult Access

ThingsLog lets you obtain the reading remotely, thus saving you the cost of personnel having to go on site.

How does it Work?

1. Start counting pulses from meters

Most utility meters have already an option for pulse output.

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2. Choose a Network

Ensure that there is network coverage in your area.

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3. Get a Logger

Let us know what is your business case is and order a logger from us.

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4. Attach the Logger to the Meter

Attach the logger to the pulse output of your meter.

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5. Installation and Configuration

Read the installation and configuration documentation.

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6. Start Monitoring

Go to ThingsLog IoT platform and review your consumption.

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