Remote water meter monitoring

Remote meter reading and monitoring

Solution description


ThingsLog remote water meter monitoring solution allows utility operators and their customers to monitor and meter waters and flow sensors.  The solution is suitable for achieving smart metering from the existing infrastructure without replacing the current meters. Therefore, the solution is also practical for water professionals and utility service providers willing to offer consumption monitoring services to their customers.


How does remote water meter monitoring work?

ThingsLog platform how it works

The core of the solution are ThingsLog low power data loggers with 2G, NB-IoT or LoRaWAN network connectivity. Our loggers can operate in low power mode. They are a perfect match for monitoring of water or flow meters in remote or difficult to access locations without power supply.

Each logger is able to read simultaneously pulses from the pulse outputs of up to two water meters. Any manufacturer can supply the water meters as long as they are able to generate dry contact (reed switch) or S0 pulses.

The data is transmitted to the ThingsLog platform at a configurable time intervals. Once the data gets in the platform, it analyzes the readings and generates notifications (to indicate low, high, all zero consumption, minimun night flow, fraud, leak and other types of alarms).

Notifications are received over an email or on our mobile app.

A balancing module is also available. By enabling the balancing functionality, we can correlate the balancing module readings with the readings from other parent meters or flow sensors. Based on this platform is able to calculate a network segment (zone) balance and triggers notifications. Alerts could be: 

  • No zero nightly consumption 
  • All zero consumption
  • High consumption
  • High/Low flow

The solution is easily integratable with 3th party platforms. Such could be billing systems, CRM or ERP systems such as SAP or salesforce.


  • Have access to readings 24/7
  • Compare flows and calculate network balances. Detect fraud and leakages
  • Predict future consumption
  • Optimize water distribution networks
  • Detect wrongly sized water meters or pipes
  • Create Customers’ profile
  • Improve Customer’s user experience
  • Immediately detect anomalies in water consumption.
  • Direct alarms to service personnel via a mobile notification or email

The solution is benefitial in the following industries

Utility Companies

Gather frequent data reporting which creates a good base for data analysis.

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Large Manufacturing

Boost your business by saving from electricity / water and gas bills.

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Hotels & Restaurants

Real-time detection of any leakages within your hotel / restaurant.

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Public Sector

Detect problems real-time, act on time and save thousands of dollars.

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Property Managers & Landlords

Detect problems and leakages real-time, fix the problem immediately.

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Telecom Operators

Enable better flexibility as well as more sustainable business model.

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