Remote Smart Water Metering

ThingsLog remote smart water meter reading

Solution Description

Remote Smart Water Metering and Monitoring solution allows utility operators, building owners and facility managers to tranistion smothly to smart metering.

Solution Description
Exising water and flow meters

Any meter with pulse output is supported

Smart Meters

Carefully selected smart water meters for your needs

Low power data loggers

Low power mobile data loggers with 2G/GSM, NB-IoT, LoRa/LoRaWAN network connectivity

ThingsLog Platform

ThingsLog Platform provides data storage, analytics engine and UI visualisation.

Network type

Our solution works with 2G/GSM, LoRa or NB-IoT network connectivity.

Mobile app

ThingsLog mobile app allows easy access to water consumption graphs and instant notifications.


Cost Savings

Save money and time from manual water metering


Smooth migration to smart metering

Migrating to smart metering is not easy. We allow you to maximize the usage of existing water metering infrastructure and gradualy deploy smart meters.


Optimize water distribution networks

Detect wrongly sized water meters or pipes, compare flows and calculate network balances, predict future consumption


Detect fraud and leakages

Leaks are inevitable and sometimes they can be costly. ThingsLog detects them and alarms you almost in real time.


Mobile app

Get your own customized mobile app and provide out of the box mobile app access to end customers


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