Low Power NB-IoT Data Logger


LPMDL-1102 NB-IoT is a low powered data logger able to monitor pulse output meters, analog sensors or ON/OFF actuators

  • The device main application is water or gas consumption monitoring.
  •  With one logger you can monitor up to two water, power or gas flow meters
  • With the same device with an additional sensors you can simultaneously monitor pressure, moisture, temperature and other

You can find more about the product on LPMDL-1102 product page.


4G/NB-IoT data logger is a low powered NB-IoT data logger able to monitor any IoT sensor or utility meter with the following features:

  • Frequency Bands: B1/B3/B8/ B5/B20/B28
  • 2 analog inputs 4..20 mA
  • 2 pulse metering inputs
  • 2 spare inputs
  • 10 bit ADC / precision 1%
  • IP68
  • With or without EEPROM
  • Configurable metering and transmission periods
  • Reconfiguration over the AIR
  • Data transmission over NB-IoT
  • 10 years + battery life (12000 transmissions)
  • Replaceable battery
  • Data transfer over direct UDP
  • Included lifetime subscription for iot.thingslog.com
  • Data is exposed through a REST API
  • 10K ThingsLog subscription included