Low power analog sensor monitoring

General Information

Low power analog sensor monitoring is a monitoring mode in which an IoT low power data logger is able to obtain measurments from a typically “power” gready analog sensors with minimum power consumption. 

That usecase is extremely useful for environment measurements on location where there is no power.

How does it work?

The data loggers of ThingsLog are low power devices with a couple of micro ampers power consumption. Compared to them the typical analog sensor for temperature, humidity, pressure and many others have consumption of a couple of mili ampers of 100s of times more than then data logger. 

So the only way to do the measurements in a low power way is to have a data logger able to provide power from internal or exernal battery to the sensor for very short period of time. 

ThingsLog data loggers have a configurable setting_time parameter that specifies the time required by the sensor to be able to stabilize itself and provide an accurate measurement output. 

Saying all that the logger is providing power to the sensor for a couple of miliseconds just enough for it to do the measurement. 

Once the reading is obtained it is stored to the internal memory of the logger. The loggers have configurable transmission interval. Once it is reached the device wakes up and transmits all the gathered sensor readings towards the ThingsLog platform.

What can be monitored in a low power way?

  • Pressure in pipes or  reservoas.
  • Level in tanks with diesel, reservoars and natural lakes and rivers;
  • Temperature & Humidity
  • pH levels 
  • Dissolved oxigen
  • Turbidity 
  • Salinity 
  • Maybe many other sensors that we still did not met.

Who cares?

The solution is useful for:

  • Water, Gas and Heating Utility companies willing to monitor pressure and temperature inside their pipes.
  • End customers willing to control the parameters of the service offered by the utilities.
  • System integrators willing to offer solutions to either of the first two groups.
  • Anybody else that would like to monitor stuff for pleasure of for business 🙂