LoRa Data Logger LPMDL-1103

High-Quality Low-Power Data Loggers

to Monitor meters or IoT Sensors

LPMDL-1103 LoRa™/LoraWAN™ Data Logger

LPMDL-1103 Lora™/LoraWAN™ Data Loggers are low power carrier grade IP68 devices able to monitor any sensor with the following features:

  • Frequency bands 434/868 MHz
  • 2 pulse inputs
  • Data transmission over LoRaTM/LoRaWANTM network with up to 15 km of reach
  • Ability to meter two water/gas or electricity meters simultaneously
  • Ability to meter every 5 minutes and transmit every couple of hours
  • 10 years + battery life (12000 transmissions)
  • Replaceable battery
  • IP68
  • Reconfiguration over the air
  • TTN compatible
  • Data is exposed through a REST API
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High-Quality Low-Power Data Loggers