How We Deliver and How We Price

How We Deliver?



Understand Your Needs

The first step of the process for us is to understand your needs in detail and, based on this to propose the right configuration of ThingsLog solution. We have subject matter experts on board for each industry solution that we offer to ensure the solution is customized specifically for you.



Configure the Loggers

When you purchase the solution, we configure the loggers and integrate all the components. Our standard delivery terms are 10 days for a test device and 35 days for a standard order. We need this time since we operate “order to configure”, which means that we customize everything based on your requirements.



Ship with FedEx/DHL

Once your devices are ready we ship them to you with FedEx/DHL. Shipment fees are not included in our standard prices.




When you receive your devices, we schedule an onboarding process where one of our solution specialists guides you through the process to enable the devices, make the initial configuration of the data and start using the technology effectively.

How We Price?

Our standard pricing includes the cost of the hardware – sensors, loggers, additional accessories, international SIM where needed and ThingsLog platform subscription package.


ThingsLog platform is licensed on per reading bases. A reading is the data the logger receives from one sensor/meter every hour or every other period shorter than an hour that you choose to configure. For instance, if you monitor one energy meter, recording the data every hour for 365 days, these are 8760 readings annually.

Our loggers are bundled with ThingsLog platform, which allows their active management, configuration and firmware update. The platform takes care of the data acquisition and provides analytical tools for consumption monitoring. 

For our customers, who use ThingsLog technology to power their own platform, API integration is available.

Below is the information on ThingsLog standard per reading packages.

Our Packages


100 000


Base package for our customers who start testing the technology or use it to read water/energy meters or monitor parameters that do not require frequent reading.


1 000 000


The most common package for water metering, energy, and gas monitoring. It allows the collection of data for a detailed profile of resource consumption, analyses, optimizations, and forecasts.


10 000 000


Allows monitoring in close to real time. Often used by our partners by territories who service specific markets and have their B2B customers using the technology for one or more use cases. 

Common Additional Services

Hardware Assurance

Implementation and API Integration

LoRa Network Planning

Want to get a customized offer as per your requirements?