How we deliver and how we price

How we deliver?

  • The first step of the process for us is to understand your needs in detail and, based on this to propose the right configuration of the ThingsLog solution. We have subject matter experts on board for each industry solution that we offer to ensure the solution is customized specifically for you.
  • When you purchase the solution, we integrate all the components, and we ship it to you free of charge.
  • In case the logger is installed on an existing flow meter, you have to request the service of your local maintenance provider to connect the logger to your meter.
  • Level monitoring sets are pre-calibrated based on information from you on the depth of the waterhole or the height of the water tank you will be monitoring.
  • Based on the unique code of your equipment, we create a customer account for you on our cloud-based SW platform, where you can use all the data and services of ThingsLog Solution.

How we price?

  • Depending on your project you may need a simple set for level monitoring or a much more complex solution tracking a number of parameters and even automating some of your equipment.
  • Once we understand your project, we will put together a list of all the needed HW components (sensors/meters, logger/s), the relevant type of network and SW platform industry template. Based on this we will price your solution.
  • We offer two pricing options:

Purchase the HW and annual SW subscrition

Year one SW license included in the purchase price. Subscription fee for the SW platform new versions, and extended support for each subsequent year.

Purchase the solution as a service

You pay a monthly fee and you never worry about guarantees, versions, support or anything. We keep your solution running. 


  • All HW has 12 months full guarantee.
  • Our data loggers comply to the CE certification and has successfully passed through Low voltage Directive (LVD) and Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).


  • Our standard support is included in the price of your solution.
  • We provide a help desk to address any issues you may have. Standard service level is NBD (next business day, 8 hours a day, 5 working days per week).

If you are interested to find out more, contact us: