Farming and Vineyards

Farming is a tough business – whether you are catering for livestock, poultry, acres of crops, or beautiful vineyards. Farmers are facing constant challenges with climate changes (especially water scarcity), soil erosion, attracting enough young people in rural areas, etc.

One way to mitigate some of these challenges and improve the efficiency of day-to-day work on the farm is the use of technology. And this technology needs to be easy to understand, affordable and tailored to specific farmers’ needs. That’s how we have designed ThingsLog smart agriculture solution and smart farming for livestock. Our solution uses sensors or meters, proprietary data loggers and software platform in order to provide near real-time information about anything you need to know on your farm – soil conditions, water levels, water pressure, daily intake of your livestock and poultry, temperatures, etc. We enable farmers to make better decisions and increase productivity while lowering costs by adopting more efficient practices. Read further details for Smart Agriculture, Smart Vineyards and for Smart farming for livestock.

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