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ThingsLog is offering an innovative platform that’s able to monitor consumption of water, gas, heat or electricity and notify you in case of fraud, leaks or high consumption. The benefits from our service for you are:

Make an Extra Revenue Reselling our Service to Your Tenants

We offer professional multi-tenant package so that you can use our service and resell it to your customers so they can also track their own consumption and be notified about any abnormalities related to it.

 Create more value for your clients

Know What’s Going on Without Disturbing Your Customers

ThingsLog provides you with a platform with which you can monitor gas/electricity or water consumption and be notified in almost real time for any abnormal event related to the consumption of your customers / tenants.

 Create more value for your clients

Offer Professional Consumption Monitoring Services to Your Tenants

Add an extra service to your portfolio or increase the value of your property by offering a service that others simply don’t have.

 Create more value for your clients

Receive Notifications in Case of High Consumption, Fraud or Leaks

Having extra information helps in solving the typical landlord-tenant conflict in who has to cover the extra bill for utility services.

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Detect Tenants That Don’t Want to Pay Their Bills or Generate High Bills

It is common to have tenants that don’t want to pay their bills or just generate high bills prior leaving your property. With ThingsLog now you have a solution that will notify you and give you the ability to react in such situations.

 Create more value for your clients
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