Enlit Europe 2021 – Thoughts, vision and time to follow up

Enlit Europe brought together over 10,000 visitors, 500 exhibitors, and 350 speakers, including leading experts, scientists and engineers from the energy sector. It has been a great experience to participate again in the show.

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ThingsLog will be joining Enlit community in Milan. Come, meet us!

Europe is under massive energy market transformation. Nuclear energy is not on the strategic map anymore. Emissions taxes are huge, so coal generation is also in decline. Prices of natural gas are often driven by non-market factors and green energy is hard to predict. As a result, energy prices are unpredictable and day ahead markets in Europe reached record breaking highs. 

The energy sector is constantly changing. The one place where all stakeholders come together to buzz about everything that is going on in the sector is Enlit.

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