high frequency pressure monitoring

What is high-frequency pressure monitoring?

High-frequency pressure monitoring is an approach in pipe pressure monitoring related to increasing the frequency of pressure sampling in case of a pressure change.

ThingsLog LPMDL-110X data loggers can detect pressure changes and switch on into high-frequency pressure monitoring mode.

pressure monitoring
The traditional pressure monitoring approach

The High-frequency pressure monitoring mode is driven by two parameters – high-frequency sampling rate and high-frequency transmission mode.

high frequency pressure monitoring
High-frequency pressure polling

If, for example, the reading interval is set at 1-minute, a 1-second spike in bandwidth utilization will be completely flattened and impossible to diagnose because 1-second represents only 1.7% of the total monitoring time. In a typical 5-minute reading cycle of most monitoring systems, those critical seconds will appear as little more than 0.33% of the total elapsed time — well below the radar of most systems. Nevertheless, this 1-second spike is of sufficient duration to perform damage, introduce leaks, brake pipes and lead to an increase of NRW – Non-revenue waters.

With ThingsLog such spikes are automatically detected and the pressure monitoring frequency is auto increased.

High-frequency pressure monitoring is automatically switched off once the logger detects that the pressure is back to the normal “average” value.

ThingsLog pressure monitoring
ThingsLog low power pressure monitoring solution

ThingsLog pressure monitoring solution supports low power mode and still catches and transmits the most interesting events to our smart monitoring platform. Designed with speed and scale in mind ThingsLog smart monitoring allows water professionals to capture transient pressure events with our adaptive high-frequency monitoring data loggers.

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ThingsLog will be joining Enlit community in Milan. Come, meet us!

Europe is under massive energy market transformation. Nuclear energy is not on the strategic map anymore. Emissions taxes are huge, so coal generation is also in decline. Prices of natural gas are often driven by non-market factors and green energy is hard to predict. As a result, energy prices are unpredictable and day ahead markets in Europe reached record breaking highs. 

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ThingsLog team wish you a Happy Easter 2021!

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In this post, we would like to introduce you to our Junior Developer, Lyubomir Valkov. He joined the Software Development department at ThingsLog in 2020. Lyubo has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Information Systems from American University in Bulgaria.

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