livestock average water consumption

The importance of monitoring water consumption of livestock

In this blog post we will try to summarize the importance of monitoring water consumption of live stock (cattle, chicken/broilers, pigs) and how you can simply achieve it by using our products.

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NB-IoT network

Free online training: NB-IoT the mysterious low power cellular network offering

Wondering what to do at home during that challenging time? Learn something new and interesting. We suggest taking a practical and free online training and understanding more about NB-IoT and IoT cellular offerings.

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ThingsLog global presence

ThingsLog IoT gets multilingual in 6 different languages

ThingsLog platform and mobile app is now available in English, Russian, Spanish, German, Greek and Bulgarian.

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merry christmas and happy new year!

Happy Holidays!

In ThingsLog it is time to put our Christmas hats! In 2020 from a startup we become a challenger!

We wish to all our friends, colleagues and partners!

Warm seasonal greetins and happy and prosperous 2021!

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ThingsLog Platform

Webinar recording: Introduction to ThingsLog platform and mobile app

Learn more about ThingsLog our platfom and mobile app. Figure out how you can integrate it with 3th party apps and setup multitenancy.

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low power monitoring

Webinar recording: Low power monitoring with ThingsLog

Learn how to verify that low power IoT products are really low-power. Lean how to make a basic calculation.

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Low power data loggers

Webinar recording: Introduction to ThingsLog data loggers

Learn more about ThingsLog data loggers and how to get started with them.

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LoRa gateway coverage

Webinar recording: LoRa and LoRaWAN for hobbyists and utility professionals

Learn more about LoRa, LPWAN and LoRaWAN. Modulation, Messages, End nodes, Activation, Deployment models, How to add a gateway in TTN australia.

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ThingsLog Platform

Free Webinar: Introduction to ThingsLog platfom and mobile app

Learn more during our November webinar on how to setup ThingsLog IoT platform and mobile app. The webinar will put focus on setting accounts, users, permissions, alarms and sensor configuration in a way that you get nice graphs and propper alarm messages.

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