LoRa Data Logger with pulse counter

Introduction to ThingsLog data loggers

Learn how to configure and set ThingsLog low power data loggers.

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data loggers

What is a data logger?

Data loggers are devices with one or more inputs and memory able to record values comming from the inputs into memory. Some loggers can transmit the data to some external system and some also to visualize it on a display.

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water leak graph

Usecase: Hotel water consumption optimization

Learn how ThingsLog water metering and monitoring solution helped to a hotel to achieve water consumption optimization.

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Global IoT

Digitalization in the water and wastewater industries is the next big IoT thing!

Digitalization in the water and wastewater treatment industries is an emerging technology market area, forecast to grow to $2 billion by 2030.

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ThingsLog pressure monitoring

Convert current sensor output in mA to analog readings

Most current analog sensors produce 4-20mA linear sensor output. In this article you will learn how to convert the leaner sensor output to a measurement reading and how to set the convertion formula in ThingsLog UI.

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Use Case: Dam Monitoring

In this use case description we will show how ThingsLog Level monitoring solution helped to DAM owners to monitor level and get early warnings from their dams.

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LoRa gateway coverage

Practical free online training on LoRa and LPWAN for utility people

Wondering what to do at home during that challenging time? Learn something new and interesting. We suggest to take a practical and free online training and understand more about LoRa and LPWAN.

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Remote vaccine refrigerators temperature monitoring solution


In this blog post we describe our motivation to develop a simple but effective remote off-the-shelf vaccine refrigerators temperature monitoring solution

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ITB Berlin

ThingsLog at ITB Berlin

ThingsLog will present its comprehensive monitoring solutions at ITB Berlin. ITB Berlin is the World’s Leading Travel Trade Show.

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