ThingsLog energy management system implemented for a large manufacturer

EL BAT JSC is a production company disposing of lead-containing waste and discarded lead-batteries.

The company’s goods include soft lead, lead alloys, lead details, radioactive material containers, lead keel, and sodium sulfate. Lead is a raw material utilized in the manufacturing of lead-acid batteries and with application in the automotive industry, the construction of submarines and other vessels, cable coatings, and the chemical industry. The company has adopted the most advanced techniques and technologies available in the field including ThingsLog energy managment and monitoring system.

Challenges: power consumption profile and planning the energy needs to reduce costs

EL BAT JSC is a major industrial manufacturer and its operations are quite energy consuming. Following the energy market liberalization, enterprise consumers are required to reserve the necessary electric energy amounts for upcoming periods. Given the time gap between the reservation and the actual power utilization, industrial users must plan their allotments with high precision.

Exceeding the preordered energy amount incurs higher energy prices for electricity utilized “on top”. EL BAT JSC also faces penalties for overbooked amounts. Defining an hourly energy consumption profile would help the management make accurate projections of their energy needs and book the proper quantities in advance.

Monitoring and control over electricity consumption has become a critical task. EL BAT JSC requires a monitoring solution for reliable tracking of power consumption, allowing them to calculate their future needs based on actual, real-time data.

Solution: energy management and monitoring system driven by data logging and SaaS analytics

ThingsLog monitoring system helps the company implement its energy-consumption solution quickly. Since the consumed energy is enormous, the measurement is performed on the middle voltage 20kV prior to the power transformer 20kV/380V. A split current transformer of 20kV (75/5A), a three-phase electricity meter with active and reactive energy monitoring, and a ThingsLog smart data logger are used for the measurement. The logger records and sends data, on real–time basis. The data is transferred through GSM/GPRS wireless connection and kept on the ThingsLog cloud-based platform. The device supports alarms for excessive and low-energy usage.

Benefits for the client: predictive analytics and improved energy management capabilities

The ThingsLog energy management system analytics platform continuously collects data about active and reactive energy usage as measured by the electricity meter and recorded by the data logger. The monitoring system plots the data on dashboards for analysis and supports alarms for preconfigured energy usage thresholds. EL BAT JSC managers are notified on their mobile devices in case of lower or higher than expected energy consumption.

The energy monitoring solution by ThingsLog creates and updates the consumption profile based on actual data. The energy management system enables informed management decisions, timely reactions to deviations, and predictive analytics for precise planning. A wealth of historic data and visualization instruments provides improved visibility and a deep understanding of energy usage patterns.



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