A sales man wearing a dark suit with a grey background

The sales & business development department at ThingsLog is welcoming a new member – Konstantin Madjarov. He will be responsible for increasing our customer base at ThingsLog.

Konstantin’s first job was at BIT, a startup television, as an international news editor. At BIT Konstantin met and worked with people from diverse backgrounds. Later on, he got interested in sales and financial consulting and decided to further deepen his knowledge & expertise in these fields. Moreover, Konstantin worked as a business sales executive and an assistant accountant which significantly boosted his interest in sales & development. He describes himself as a person who enjoys “start-up culture”.

In his free time, Konstantin likes to read up on ancient civilizations and history. But whenever he has free time available Konstantin watches sports matches, especially his favorite is football. Konstantin’s all-time favorite football club is Liverpool FC. Moreover, he is an avid skier and a swimmer.

If you would like to have a chat with him, you can reach Konstantin at kmadjarov@thingslog.com and on his Linkedin page.

We are very excited to welcome Konstantin and see his growth & development at ThingsLog.

Our team is just getting bigger which means ThingsLog is also getting bigger. We are looking forward to see Konstantin’s success.

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